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Respect your intuition and heed its words

Respect your intuition and heed its words

Intuition is a tiny little voice that is always present inside you. While you may not get a feel, it is constantly on an alert to guide and advise you. It tells you about such important things that you may not get to know from any other source. Some of you may call this inner voice as gut feeling. However, it is actually governed by our instinct that does not go by any logic. Intuition is a little whisper that does not make a loud noise while talking to you. Your intuition is into the depths of your unconscious self. That is the reason you never become consciously aware of it. However, it keeps on sending its advice whenever you try to look for an answer.

Intuition offers you a moment where you simply take a decision based on your gut feeling

Intuition offers you a moment where you simply take a decision based on your gut feeling. You just instinctively go for something that you had a conflict about. Do you ever wonder how you receive an instant solution to something that bothers you for hours or days? This happens when you put your questions in front of your intuition and seek an answer. Your inner voice then comes with an answer that might make you happier. It simply fills a gap that exists between the conscious and the unconscious. Whenever you are confused about taking a decision, just take the help of this inner voice and you are likely to find an answer.

Receiving advice from your intuition is also better than asking others to provide you answers to your conflicts. When other people provide their suggestions to you, these are loaded with their own assumptions, thoughts and views. However, your intuition does not go into any such logic and offers straight answers to your queries. The only need is to look deep inside you. Even Albert Einstein had once stated that intuition is our most valuable yet most unused asset. It is out spiritual guide that always offers the best advice.

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You will find many people who can tell you that they had an intuitive flash that woke them up. This may happen at various situations when a person needs help badly. Intuition then comes to their rescue. For example, you may have heard some people who recognized their life partners in just a glance. You may also have heard stories about dogs that were far away from their masters but still mourned when their masters died. How does all this happen? It is all because of intuition that works unconsciously and can even cross the boundaries of your defense systems. You never know when your intuition may reveal a deep truth to you.

Thus, it is always powerful to believe in the advice your intuition gives you. It can suddenly provide such solutions to your life’s problems that you may have not thought otherwise. Start noticing your intuition if you want to gain access to it. Ignore the rational arguments your mind may provide you and start appreciating the powers of intuition. Avoid judging it and simply listen to it. Get involved in meditation and always be open to hearing and accepting the truth your intuition shares with you. Just keep going with your hunches and you will start receiving surprises in life.

If you want to remain in touch with your intuition, then the need is to be more imaginative and to give yourself some quiet time to connect to your inner self. Guided imagery will help your inner voice to come out and guide you in the circumstances when you need it the most. Remember that intuition is your invaluable assistant.

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