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You know when it is the right time to say “I Love you”

right time to say “I Love you"

The three little words, “I Love you” are simply magical. We say these words to ones whom we love, and here in this article we are talking about these words in context to a girlfriend and a boyfriend. When a boy and a girl start dating, it is not on the first date that they start telling each other these words, and if the either one of the two makes a rush to say these words, there is quite a big probability that he or she will get a negative response.

You might say these words with utter sincerity but your date will not reciprocate them, as you wanted it to be. Obviously, all this will hurt your feelings, so you need to find out the correct time when you should tell these magical words to your date. Following are some signs that will help you decide the time to tell your date that you love them without letting them hurt your feelings.

When they understand you

Does the girl or the boy whom you have been recently dating understand you, even if you do not utter much about your troubles? Do they always try to find out the real cause behind your unhappiness and try to cheer you up? Well, if yes is the answer, then this is a great sign that he/she loves you. If you are clear about their feelings then what is the delay in letting them know your feelings as well.

Care for you

If the girl is not demanding you to take her out for a dinner because you had a long day at office, or the man is taking you out on a dinner because you are too tired to make it yourself, this means you both care for each other. Care is a vital part of love. This is one sure sign that he/she is in love with you, so you can make a move.

Are good listeners

If the girl or the boy seems interested in everything you tell them, or they look curious to find as to what you have in store to tell them, then it is a pretty good sign. This shows they are equally interested in you as you are in them, so take out time and tell those three wonder words to them whenever you feel.

Are happy when you are around

Do they get excited when they see you? Are they always laughing and having fun when you are around? Do they look forward to meet you next soon? Well, if you have answers to all these questions in positive, then it is a sign that reads – they are also in love with you.

Compliments you

Do you think she notices you the same way you notice her?  Does she recognize even a small change you get in your personality? Does she compliment you every single day when you look good? If yes is the answer, this means she is equally crazy about you. So without making a delay, let her know what you feel about her deep down inside.

They make you feel special

Do they bring flowers or chocolates for you every other day? Do they let go of their plans just because you ask them to meet you? Do they not mind to go that extra mile to make your special day even more special for you? Do they specially wait for midnight just to be the first one to wish you a very happy birthday? Well, again if the answer is yes, then you are lucky enough because you have got someone who can reciprocate well to your feelings.

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