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Never underestimate the influence of honesty and loyalty in a relationship

Save a Relationship After Breakup

A relationship is not just about two people sharing feelings for each other, it is a commitment and a promise that two people give. In every new relation, the excitement of being in love with each other lasts for a very limited time.


As and when the relationship grows old, the excitement starts to reduce and that is when the real test of a relationship begins. Fights, arguments, difference in thoughts, opinions etc. all come in between and these are part of being in a relation. Eventually, three things can happen

  • The relation either goes on stagnant waters
  • It slowly starts breaking down and reaches the dead end
  • It picks up and the bond can grow stronger

When things are down, that is when the real test begins

real test begins

The true test of a relation does not stand strong when everything is going well; instead, it is during the time when things are on the rough edge that you can truly tell if a relationship is strong or not. In good times, you will always have your partner standing by you; but when the time changes, that is when you get to see the real meaning of the word PARTNER.

Apart from being there for you during every step of your life, it is also important for the foundation or pillars of a relationship to be strong. While trust and love may be there, the question is what about honesty and loyalty. When there is a downfall or a phase where things are bad, the temptation of deviating becomes very strong.

Deviation is a sign of the end or just a phase


In every relationship, there comes a time when partners may start questioning themselves and their decision. If everything is all rosy then there is something fishy, similarly, if everything is all-rough, the question is-

Are you both really meant for each other?

There may be various reasons why a person may deviate from his or her relationship. What makes it worse is that most of the times, people tend to suppress or hide things from their partner. That’s the time when it starts to form cracks in an individual’s life, which in turn can affect the relationships. These cracks on their own can cause people to deviate. This is where the power of honesty and loyalty plays a vital role.

If you are honest and loyal to your partner, even through this phase your partner’s face is the only one face that you will see.  As a human, it might happen that you may end up slipping or giving in to the temptation. The question that stands here

What are you going to do next? Hide the facts or tell the truth?

Lies can destroy even the best relationships

Lies can destroy

No one is perfect and no one can become perfect. For a relation to sustain, being honest and loyal is important but there are times where one of these two qualities may not be in the picture. That is when lies take birth.

The sad part is that one lie leads to another, and soon one is buried under an ocean of lies. However, if you have the strength to tell the truth and be honest about what you have done, things can be different.  The reality of a relationship is not about admitting that you have done wrong, it is also about how well the other person accepts it and what happens after that.

Today honesty and loyalty have become a question mark in most relationships. If you look at most relationships in the present generation, it has become a very common practice to have one in the hand and the other in the bush. The meaning and essence of relationships has changed. The minute lies takes birth that is when things start going in the wrong direction.

The real power of honesty and loyalty

real power of honesty

Being honest may not prove that you are loyal; however, when you are loyal to a person you are automatically honest to your partner. Just because you own up to you mistakes does not mean that things are fine.

If you have a chance to correct your mistakes, you need to be sure that you are undoing the mistakes that you have made in the past, and you should start thinking about your future. By merely developing these two qualities in your relation, you will see how different it can be.

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