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Things you should know about dating Deep Women

dating Deep Woman

A Deep Woman is strong and independent minded, which scares off a lot of men. Men who are extremely traditional minded are not used to women who are not afraid to speak their minds and make relationship choices and decisions. Deep women are intense and serious, liberated and smart. If you are a man who is confident and unafraid to ask such a woman out on a date, here are a few things you should know about her:

Deep women are honest


Deep women are honest to the point of being blunt. Her integrity is dear to her and she believes in honesty. She will tell the truth always and she expects you to do so too. Lies put her off and she might lose interest in you. 

She’ll ask you deep questions

She has a keen mind and wants to know everything about you. She is not afraid to ask personal questions and expects to be given straight answers. She enjoys serious conversations, sometimes even philosophical ones. She’ll also expect you to enjoy such conversations.

She knows what she wants

As she is perfectly clear about her likes and dislikes, she will know from the first time she meets you, whether you are the guy for her or not. She is not one to keep dating a man she knows will not matter much to her in the long run. If she ignores you after one date, better not pursue her, as she is not interested in you. And if she calls you, it means she likes you!

She wants deep relationships


The deep woman you have started seeing will make it clear to you that she is interested in a meaningful relationship and wants this relationship to add value to both your lives. She likes to have fun, for sure, but wants something deeper than fun in her life. She wants to share each other’s pain and joy, and finds frivolous relationships a waste of time.

She has no fear of intimacy

She allows herself to be vulnerable to hurt if things don’t work out, and she will be involved in the relationship wholeheartedly. Holding back is not in her nature. She cherishes the intimacy in the relationship, and will open up to you.

She does not play games

She is what she is, and does try to hide her faults. She will not play any dating games to deceive you or entrap you or make you feel guilty.

She sees right through you


She can understand who you truly are, and accepts your faults. She’ll point them out to you too, which might make you vulnerable and uncomfortable, but the plus point is that you can express yourself around her, and don’t have to put on a false image to impress her.

She likes consistency

She does not like flaky or inconsistent behaviour. She is definitely not the type who will play with your feelings or will allow you to do that to her. She wants a strong bond, and you can’t give her special treatment and ignore her the next moment.

She’s intense

Her intensity is what makes her intimidating. Her emotions and thoughts are intense, and her passionate nature does not allow her to be indifferent or apathetic to things. It’s difficult for most people who are of a flighty nature to handle her intensity.

She loves deeply


Your deep woman does not know how to flirt. She cannot fake her feelings and if she feels strongly about you, she won’t accept anything less from you. She will know if your feelings are not deep enough and gradually might become detached, and finally break up with you. 

She will not wait for you

She is intelligent and strong, not a pushover nor pushy. If she senses that you are not sure about continuing your relationship with her, she’s definitely not going to wait for you. She wants to be with someone who appreciates her and though she wants to be in a relationship, she’d rather be alone rather than with someone who can’t decide.

A deep woman takes things seriously. She’s not into casual relationships and prefers to be by herself than with someone who does not appreciate her depth. If you want a woman who is smart, intelligent and honest, a deep woman might be the one for you.

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