You Need to Let go off very Important Things Sometimes……….

Learn to Figure out, when to let go…

So, you have begged your parents and fought about something with any and everyone that you met? Only if people supported you, you would have gone far off on the path to success. It is the one thing that you are good at and were popular for at school. Absolutely no other thing interests you and you are willing to give your all for this one thing because this is what you want and nothing else. It is like the one thing you have ever ever wanted but have never been able to get it. Well, yes, passion amazes the best of us but life is a practical deal.

learn to figure out

So, you need to know when you have to let that 1 thing you have always wanted let go. May be, it just isn’t in your destiny. Yes, sometimes you may be denied things on reasons as silly as you are a girl or you are a boy but you need to recognize that you don’t have a choice when you don’t.

Yes, it is difficult to give up that one thing but then you have to if you have to. Therefore, if you think it’s time, don’t waste your time around it. Find something else. No matter, how close it is to you; find your strength, get your guts together and give it away.


It Hurts but You Got to do it…

Yes, that thing is going to hurt a lot but sometimes there is absolutely nothing that you can do except for let things happen. Yes, sometimes you just have to get by fine with everything that is happening around you. There may be other ways of getting what you want or there maybe someone else who will get it for you. Yet, you may not always be all that lucky. Thus, yes, you might truly love someone or something. However, you might be hurting yourself as well as others whilst holding on to it. Therefore, let it go and if not yourself, let the people around you be happy.

Yes, you are going to miss that thing but you will settle down with time. You will relax with time and compromise with life. If you have been a fighter then it will burn your very insides to compromise but sometimes you seem to have no other choice but compromise. Thus, make peace with yourself and settle down to life rather than troubling yourself over it. In fact, your struggle to get that thing over the years might have created bridges and gaping holes amongst you and your loved ones. Why not close those? It will take your mind off from your beloved thing.


Learn to Compromise with Life

It could be anything. It could be your cute boyfriend, the love of your life, your career, the course you want to pursue etc. However dear they are to you, you might have to let go at some point in time. In that case, you should be prepared for everything. Sometimes, friends and family don’t side with us and yet, we try to make it on our own. This may or may not work in our favor. Either, you will get the thing dearest to you or you will terribly fail. At this point in time, you need to realize that you tried hard enough but it is time you gave it up and moved on in life. Yes, let go off the one thing you have wanted all your life for your and everyone else’s sake.

You can smile about the fact that you tried enough and you gave your best. Sometimes, letting go will also mean accepting failure. Yes, accepting failure isn’t easy but then time teaches you everything. You cannot keep trying for one thing your entire lifetime. You have got to live and there are many things to life. Yes, you may not like them as much or maybe you will like them even more. Give things a try and see how it goes. It could be excellent or it could be horrible depending upon you. In fact, you can keep your favorite thing close to you in some way or the other. You just have to figure it out.


Yes, life isn’t as fun and simple as it seems to be. Yet, it could be if you just smiled about any and everything that happened. True, sometimes, we are left in such state that we are sarcastically laughing at our own selves.

Yet, laugh and move on we must. It is the toughest time in life to give away the thing that you love the most but hey, it isn’t the end of the world. Look at the brighter side of things always. There may be something that you must not have noticed that is still positive. For, every situation has its affirmatives and negatives.


Life isn’t always fair. In fact, word has it that life is never fair. In this unfair life, you need to learn to let go off and move on when you know it is no longer possible.

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