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To Love well is to Last; To Love yourself is to Live in the True Sense

To Love well is to Last; To Love yourself is to Live in the True Sense

Love is a Beautiful Feeling

Love is the most beautiful thing that 2 people can share. It is one of the most beautiful feelings. However, sometimes one gets too involved in love and forgets their ownself. It is the age of technology and it isn’t all that difficult to stay connected with each other all 24 hours. Some people go to the extent of having their better halves tattooed on their body and believe that they are the guardian angel. No relationship with that much suffocation ever lasted. It is necessary for 2 separate individuals to be involved when falling in love because that is when love happens. It only requires 2 passionate people. Once you have fallen in love sure your life will change.


Love Comes Naturally

Yet, there are some aspects of life that should remain the same. The other person shouldn’t have complete control over your life. It is your life after all. Sometimes, your better half is going to feel jealous of your admirers. A little playfulness in the jealousy is ok but anything that goes beyond that is definitely not ok.

Remember your person even if you are in love. Under no circumstances have you to give yourself up. Remember that you are an important person and no one can take that away from you. Love should come naturally and it should never be a forced feeling.

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True Love helps you Grow

True love will only help you grow and will make you feel amazing. You don’t have to feel like you are following a list of instructions like you did as a girl or boy at school. You need to feel good about yourself. Love should change you in a positive manner and not in a negative one.

Hence, give yourself some time before you completely give yourself away in love. After all, your life is also important to you and you shouldn’t be ignoring your life altogether. Thus, don’t put yourself down when in love. Instead, feel proud of it. Don’t beat yourself over it. You only need to do that if you have lost your own self worth entirely.

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Make Sure that you indeed are in Love

Also, there is quite a difference between liking someone and loving someone. If you aren’t sure about which one then, take your time and then decide about what you want to do. Don’t give yourself away in love even before you know it is love. You will soon find yourself regretting it and hurting the other person as well in the process.

Hence, ensure yourself before you take any other step. For, whatever you are doing is for your own good and not for anyone else’s. Therefore, take your own decisions about love and don’t let anyone force these things upon you. It is you who should decide if you are or are not in love and no one else has the right to do so.


Background Check your Date 

No one is going to like to hang out and pretend to be in love with an overbearing or controlling personality. Thus, check everything before you decide about things as grave as love.

Sometimes, people only make a pretty sight and deep within they are completely shallow. Therefore, before you enter into the process of forgetting yourself and loving the other person more than you have loved yourself, you should be enquiring about the other person. You should be getting to know them beyond their face. Hence, you need to go out with them enough times to make sure you are falling for the right person.

check your date

The Pain is not nice

For, obviously before you sign on for something, you need to know. Yes, love happens when it has to. No one can stop it. However, what you can do is not forget yourself even when you fall in love. For, as mentioned before, true love is a process that will help you grow as a person and not down trod you.

It will make you feel amazing and not bitter about yourself. Once the news that you have indeed fallen in love hits you with its full impact, you are going to love every bit of it. Yet, don’t forget to love yourself a little too. Or else, you are going to go through a lot of pain and it will not feel nice.

At the end of the day, no one wants to have wasted their time, energy and effort. Therefore, don’t go out with the wrong people and even more important is that, don’t fall in love with the wrong people. The most important of all, don’t give away in love to the wrong people. You shouldn’t be giving too much to the right person even if you are indeed in love; the wrong person is of course a far-fetched thing.


The article is about loving yourself more than others and even when you are in love with someone else, don’t forget yourself.

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