Learn to Appreciate

We need to learn to appreciate everything that we possess at the moment. It is something we often forget to do and only realize the value of things after they have been gone. It is necessary to understand that you need to be thankful for what you possess rather than to crib about things that you don’t possess. Something as simple as the ability to breathe can also be taken away from you in a nanosecond and hence, you should be thankful for each and every moment of life. For, you are one of the many who got your next breath whilst a handful of people didn’t.

learn to appreciate

There is no dearth of poverty in the world. It gets difficult to get by with life for quite a few people. A lot of people would want to live the life that you are living and are jealous of you. Hence, be thankful for every moment of life because you may not have the next moment at any point in time.

Not everyone is born healthy. Dead babies aren’t unheard of. Hence, if you are one of the lucky ones who not only took birth in a healthy condition but also got by quite a few years of life in a perfectly healthy state then, that is also something that you have to be thankful for.

you are one of the blessed

You are one of the Blessed

You will soon realize that your life is quite a pretty picture and you have more to be grateful of than to be ungrateful of. Be courteous towards god because he or she has showered so many blessings upon you. Thank him for what he has done for you. If you crib about something that you don’t have while you are living a perfectly comfortable life then, karma comes full circle. Thus, all 12 months of the year, be appreciative of everything that you have. You will get by with life happily without any problems. Even when you are at the end of the knot with troubles on your head, you know that you will get through because you have been thankful in the past.

However, this is something that you will have to learn with time. It is very easy to crib and complain. Yet, it is easier to count your blessings if you really tried indulging into it. Once you only began counting the blessings that you have then appreciating them will not take any effort. Thus, be appreciative of everything that you have and don’t crib about the things that you don’t have. Maybe, you were never meant to have them. For, if you did or still do, you would have got them or will get them. Otherwise, make peace with everything else and you will be fine.


Karma Comes Full Circle

If you don’t appreciate the things that you have just now then, karma comes full circle and you will be made to realize the value of everything that you have. All your possessions shall be snatched from you and then, you will realize that you weren’t in so bad a state after all and things were going good for you. Hence, if you don’t want to be forced to appreciate the things that you have, appreciate them willingly. For, a large number of people aren’t as blessed as you are. Therefore, be happy with all your possessions for you aren’t going to die with anything at all. Hence, be happy with what you have is definitely not an empty saying. It has a lot of weight in its meaning.

learn from mistakes

It is very easy to take everything you have for granted. This is one of the biggest mistakes that everyone commits. One shouldn’t take their belongings for granted. Yes, the world is a materialistic place and there is no place for emotions in the age of today. Yet, if you do have something to own such as a house, a bag or even some clothes, you should be happy and grateful about it because a lot of people do not have these things. You are really lucky to have been endowed with such comforts and you should respect them. You should be thankful for them on each and every day of your life.

Yes, life is fast paced in the time of today and a lot of us don’t find the time to stop by and be thankful and appreciative of everything. Thus, it is necessary to stop by, take a breath or 2 and then, thank god for everything that you have. Yes, today, everyone is self obsessed and busy with themselves but it is necessary to recognize that there is a supernatural power that helps you get through each and every second of your life. Therefore, one shouldn’t be taken away by the economical and materialistic world and instead, should be thankful from within for everything.

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