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What Brings Motivation?

What brings Motivation

You must have heard hundreds of time that if you are motivated enough to do something, there is no way anyone can stop you. Well, not even an ounce of it is incorrect, but have you ever wondered what brings motivation? In any case, you don’t need to do mind boggling, as that is exactly what has been discussed ahead.

Some people believe that determination leads to motivation. Of course that is true, but that is not the absolute fact. In other words, determination is a small fragment that leads to motivation. So, what is it that is responsible for motivation?

It is ‘reason’. You will do anything, but you got to have a strong reason for that. Let’s understand that well with an example. You are a responsible guy, who loves his family very much. All of a sudden there is a family crisis and now you must help your loved ones in such a difficult situation. Now, as you have a strong enough reason to earn money, there is nothing that can stop you from doing that. No matter how much you have done in your studies, what experience you hold, what issues you have, you will earn! That reason has fueled you enough with motivation to do all it takes to bring money home.

In some ways you can relate this situation with the much-heard saying- ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. History is witness that people who weren’t supposed to do great things have done wonder, when they had reasons to do the same.

While few people cast this belief in terms of positive reasons and negative reason, I believe that it goes with both of them. Let’s know what does that mean.

People, who have acknowledged that ‘reason’ is the source of motivation, do believe that its goes only when people have ‘no-turning-back’ kind of reason. In short- some crisis! I sincerely oppose this, insisting on the fact that even positive reasons may fuel you enough to do all those things that people might have never expected from you (in a good way, of course).

Let’s once again understand this with an instance. You are one such young human who has dreamt a lot for himself. You want to own those super bikes that you have seen on TV. You want a super luxurious house, where you and your family can live your life with complete ease. You want to be someone, everyone knows and respects. If you are pretty sure that you want to be this, then no matter high waters come or disasters happen, you will do all it takes and make your dream come true!

In this case, the individual had a positive reason, which was strong enough, to fuel him to stretch boundary of his capabilities and pursue his dream.

See, it is not the type of reason that matter. It is the intensity of the reason that matters when it comes to sourcing motivation. So, find a reason and stay motivated!

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