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Hope is God

Hope is god

Hope begins with God. It is God who gives us the energy and hopes to deal with. God is the way to get hopes. If there was no supernatural power then hopes can be turned into reality. Hope is the power which gives energy to individuals.  We often hear cases when individuals are cheated or ditched. That does not mean that it is the end of the world. One experience that everyone has to face is Hardships.No one is spared from that.

Struggle comes in many ways, so one has to believe in hopes and do the needful. However difficult struggle become you should never lose hope. It is because of hopes that there are days and nights in life. Once you choose hope, impossible is nothing.It is so true that hope makes everything possible. Throughout our life we often go through situations when there were failures and downturn. But the only thing that never stopped was hope. Hard time teaches us that there is hope in faith, education, medicines, hobby and even relationships.

In situations which are rainy always remember:

  • Everyone faces hardships in life
  • Never leave the knot of hope
  • God is very kind
  • Give importance to family and moral values
  • No situation in life is permanent
  • Hard days will make you a stronger individual

These are the simple rules of hope. When frown remember these few tips and not only show hopes to self but also to the individuals who need hope.

When the world says “give up” hope whispers “try one more time”

This fact is omnipresent. That is why individuals keep on trying in hopes that one day they will get success. Hope reflects personal desire. It is the expectations that the situation will work according to what one has thought in spite of the presence of uncertainty and hesitation.

Hope is miracle and which can create unexpected results. In Christianity the word Hope stands as one of the most important virtue. Hope creates believer and once believer makes hope stronger. Hope is what can happen but when you hope you are sure that whatever you have desired will one day turn into reality.

Hope creates expectations and these expectations should be such that they bring happiness for mankind. Hope is an abstract thing; there is a very thing line of difference between hope and faith. One should have deep knowledge about the ethics in life in order to understand these religious values. Hope simplifies human future and make it more reliable.

Resilient Nature of Life Is Silent Because Of Hope

 If you have nothing but hope then you can achieve anything in life and if you have everything but hope then you can lose everything. Hopes are reoccurring in nature. They are tides which come and go. Their reoccurrence signifies that situations should be taken too seriously. They are meant to change. Hopes are the permanent source of happiness for all individuals.

When a soldier is in the battlefield his family hopes that he will win and come back. This is highly uncertain but the hopes make them believe that things will change. Often, in adversity hopes overflow. In prosperity also hoping that the prosperity sustains should be inculcated. In life when there is nothing substantial left then it is the hope that lights the candle in darkness.

But Hopes Have Short Lives Just Like Butterflies

They are short lived because the moment it is does not turn up according to ones wish they tend to die. Hope enables us to find brightness in utter darkness. During that time only hope have the rays of light to spread the energy of positivity and brightness. Difficult situations, roadblocks, tough times and challenging circumstances create or rather give birth to hopes.

Those who are in miserable conditions have only one tool of happiness which is hope. That is the reason why happiness, hope, faith etc are so difficult to define. It is so subjective that one often mixes with other to seek success. Hope is independent of anything. It cannot act as a slave. There are no strings attached to hope. You have to set it open so that it can touch you, hold you and carry you. Just remember to convert the hopes into reality because those who only hope die fasting.  You should also have the potential to translate the hopes into the dreams. Dream more, wish more, get more!

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