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Life strikes endless references and numerous imageries in mind; some from past, some from present and many for future; finally gives no clear picture of what exactly it is? Life is an identity for one who works differently, life is a gift for one who keeps both enjoyment and suffers, life is an experiment for one who takes challenges, and life is a journey for one who wants to grow or jump in every consecutive period.

In every stage of life, we play a different role; each role demands different services which we try to offer without knowing the actual need or wishes. In this way we forget that time is limited and we are actually living someone else’s life. To fulfil the demand, we trap ourselves by dogma; means we move our life with other’s wishes.

Do we live our life according to our wishes?
Do we love what we are doing?
Are we really excited in every single moment?
Are we prepared to look forward to the next level, whatever it is?
Are we living our best moment of life?

If the answers is no for any single question that means we are not living our life to the fullest. It is our life; we have to decide what to create, how to settle down, what to observe, what to pursue, when to experience.  So let us try to live our life to the fullest, full with joy, passion, enthusiasm, challenges and no regrets.

Life is what we make it: A basket of surprises with little anticipations and full of opportunities. Remember, happiness lies in the moments of present, memories of past and dreams of future. So lead a life full of moments, filled with memories and engrossed with dreams.

In today’s world where complications, corruptions, piracies, hatred feelings are primary tool to survive, we can find out little time to peep into our own little world and treasure some time to spend with same nature full with biodiversity and cultural diversity. If we have to live our life to the fullest, we need to spend some time with nature, hug the freshness of morning, touch the glory of sunshine, drum our feet in the dewdrops on the grass, dance in the rain, breath fresh air sitting in the garden, take healthy diet full with natural ingredient, write memories, build physique to live longer, discover principles to establish a routine life and gather immense knowledge to live a purposeful life and live life with joy.

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