Dump your possessions to get on the highway to peace

If getting something new in your life gives you happiness, sacrificing a few leads you towards the path of eternal peace. You always keep adding new things in the lists of your worldly possessions in hope of attaining the peace of mind. However, the things that you really need to get rid of are:

The apologetic self

apologetic self

Get rid of the apologetic self as failing is always a part of making a progress in life. You can never choose the circumstances but can always control the way you react to them. You are not what you have done in life. Look at the bigger picture. You are destined to go through sufferings and failures in life and they make you only stronger. Take learning from all your failures and move on.

Attachments with insensitive all

Attachments with insensitive all

All those who have ever hurt you or did not value you the way you deserved, never meant anything to you. If you set out to correct their ways of life, you would only waste a good amount of time. Moreover, if you hate them you would only fill your own heart with hatred, which will eventually become your nature.

Obsession with negativity in the world


Even if you keep yourself away from all the negativity, media does the job. It only proves to be harmful for your own mental peace but moves you away from a positive frame of mind. If you can’t ignore it all, then at least don’ let it fill your with negativity and keep your hopes up for a better tomorrow. Life keeps getting better if you aim to do so.

The temptation of the end-result

The temptation of the end-result

Remember the fact that the result can never make you happy and content. Life is formed such way, that the magic lies in the journey not the destination. If your start loving the journey towards your goal you get sufficient means to bring fulfillment to life, no matter you fully achieve your goal or not.

A lot of money

A lot of money

Who says you need a lot of money to be happy in the world. It is world known fact that a true smile always glitters on the face of a poor fellow since rich has many belongings to deal with. Respect others, admire natural beauty, find happiness around you and notice all the changes life offers during a lifetime. The world is an illusion, those who do not get aware of the fact get lost easily and those who understand the fact laugh at them. The more you accumulate, the harder it gets for you to detach from it.

The desire to hold on


Time never remains the same. Everyone and everything around you keeps changing without your liking or disliking the fact. Things go on but you can control the desire to keep it the same. However, it is difficult to accept that things are meant to change but you can’t fight the reality.

Let go of things that limit your happiness. Peace of mind is priceless and above all the everlasting truth of life.

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