How to deal with a bully

Bullying is a very common phenomenon at work places and schools and it can be a nightmarish incident. The following are a few ways to deal with a bully.

Analyze your situation and don’t take it lightly

The first step to deal with being bullying is to asses your situation to the best of your ability. Try to find out why you are being bullied and why is the bully targeting you. Look into yourself and find out reasons; it maybe because you look fragile and weak or maybe are new to the place or maybe you might have offended them in someway. Do not ignore your own condition; this momentary peace will later be disturbed for sure. Try to act as soon as possible and disarm the bully of the leverage that he has over you. Because in situations where you allow yourself to be pushed by them for a while thinking that they will change their mind, will actually encourage them further.

Be friendly and stay calm

Do not try to get aggressive or confront them publicly over this issue, rather try to talk it out in a friendly way. Extend a hand of friendship, not as a request but as an opportunity to them to make sure that they treat you as an equal. Your body language should not show defeat in any manner; talk calmly and confidently. Do not stutter and look into the eyes of the bully when you talk, maintaining an eye contact will convey to him that you are not going to be pushed around easily. If the person is not willing to be friends, cordially request him to not disturb you because you find it unpleasant. Make it explicit to them that if you are not friends, then the communication between the two of you should be kept to bare minimum.

Avoid him or report to the authorities

The last resort where a bully does not back off from bothering you is to avoid him altogether. Do not seek any altercation or argument, simply mind your own business and go about your life normally. Do not pay them any attention no matter how hard they try and also do not discuss them too much amongst your friends. Try to take their advice if required and keep some company around you when you have to interact with the bully. If the bully still persists to bother you, lodge a complaint to the authorities after giving him a fair warning.

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