How to deal with bad customers

In the business world, it is well known that acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an old one, which makes it extremely important that even bad customers should be treated well. Here we have given some ways to deal with bad customers.

Allow them to talk freely

When your customer is irritated and annoyed with your company and their services, allow him some time to express his problem. The customer is obviously distraught and needs some attention, so try to calm him down. And the best way to calm him down is to make him feel that his problems are being noticed and taken care of. Try to empathize with the customer and assure him that his satisfaction is your priority.

Don’t take any comments they make personally, they are directed towards your company and not you. Do not interrupt them while they speak and ask questions which will assure them that you have heard them out.

Don’t be defensive, take responsibility

Never get into a defensive stance when the customer is raging upon you. It will infuriate him further, ask him to rest assured that he will not be cheated or made to compromise in any manner. He has parted with his hard earned money and hence deserves all the facilities that your company has promised. You are the face of your company, hence you will have to bear the brunt but stay polite and calm. Try to offer them some solutions to their problem and also take their opinion on it. Be absolutely transparent with them about how much time it may take, never lie to them, for it will spell trouble for you in near future. Remain polite and humble throughout your conversation; it will make sure that the customer is more friendly towards you the next time they come

Know when to put your foot down

In the worst case scenario, you will just have to allow the customer to drift away from you peacefully. A customer who is unwilling to listen to logical reasons and explanations for the problem he is encountering is impossible to satisfy. If you find that their complaints and demands are not justified and do not match you company’s guidelines, it is better to terminate services to them. This is because such customers create such a ruckus every time they enter your office that they will scare other potential customers away with their false claims. Having such a customer is more of a liability than an asset and getting rid of them will help you save a lot of time also. You must know when to keep your foot down; having kept quiet in the earlier part of the conversation, you must decide when to take charge and steer the customer away.

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