How to deal with a bad supervisor

It is likely you will have to deal with a difficult or a bad supervisor at least once in your professional career. If you are stuck and need some help on how to constructively deal with the bad supervisor, follow the steps mentioned below.

Restrict your communication

It may not be possible to avoid your supervisor completely; however, you should try to communicate as less as possible. Do not talk more than necessary. Consider working harder and performing your tasks quietly without much involvement of your supervisor. Working hard is an effective way to quietly deal with a difficult supervisor, as most likely he/she will refrain from bothering you if you remain dedicated towards your work. Moreover, be sure that you do not overlook your supervisor if they talk to you, as this will not only sound rude, but will also further complicate your relationship.

Document your work and disputes

Keep a track of your accomplishments and compliments received from co-workers, customers or other managers. This will help you prove your devotion and commitment towards your work. Also, keep a record of any disagreements that you have with your supervisor. Pen down the date of the instance and the nature of the dispute. Store this information on a system other than your office computer so that if the need arises, you have documentary proof to back up your complaints against your supervisor.

You may also consider taking one of your co-workers into confidence. This will help you relive some stress. However, make sure it is someone you can trust, as you do not want your negative thoughts to fall into the wrong hands.

Confront your supervisor

Talk to your supervisor if you feel that you have been mistreated. Remember to act in a professional manner, irrespective of your supervisor’s behavior. If he/she verbally abuses you, politely but firmly inform him/her that such unprofessional behavior is unacceptable. It is likely that your supervisor will realize the mistake and stay away from bothering you. However, if you cannot resolve your issues with your supervisor in an amicable manner, you must consider approaching your HR representative. The HR department is responsible for dealing with employee issues, if any.

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