How to deal with apathy

routine work can creep in apathy into any relationship

A routine work can creep in apathy into any relationship. Things tend to get worse when one of the partner is lethargic while the other keeps wondering about the reasons behind the apathetic attitude of his or her partner. It is therefore necessary to make joint efforts to keep emotions and energy alive in any relationship. Take a glance at some of the measures.

Make your partner aware of his or her apathetic attitude

It is necessary to communicate with your spouse about his or her apathetic attitude that is actually destroying your marital relationship. Ignoring the faults of your partner is no solution at all. You must be able to have an effective and positive communication with your spouse.

You will have to explain your spouse that apathy is actually hurting you and your relationship too. It is also necessary never to attack your spouse with your insistent words. On the contrary, you can talk about your weakness with your spouse. This will help your partner to speak openly and freely about the mistakes committed by him or her while showing any indifferent behavior.

Have fun and entertainment together

You can either go for a movie or join any activity together. Doing the task together enables to form a better understanding while also helps to gradually fall in love with each other. Giving sufficient time and putting in little efforts can help a person conquer any apathetic relationship with ease.

It is also necessary to provide adequate freedom and space to your spouse for allowing it to trigger love and intimacy in your boring life. Establishing wisdom of independency can help your spouse realize his or her mistakes for taking you granted for a long period of time.

Apathy might be impairing your regular and daily life by either isolating you or your spouse from the world or making you both reluctant to socialize with people. It might be also making you both escape from your family responsibilities.

Apathy can sometimes lead to symptoms of severe depression and despair too. You must try to list out things that are slowly and steadily affecting you and your spouse’s normal married life. Listing down makes it easier to tackle the problems while also helps in evading them one by one.

Create long term aims and objectives

You can create and set in goals for self and your spouse so that small wear and tears like Depression or Apathy does not underestimate or demoralize you or your spouse from accomplishing long term aims or objectives.

You can also indulge in a motivational self talk so as to fight apathy. Self talk is considered as one of the cognitive technique that helps power to conquer over the apathy. You can ask questions to self and seek answers to eradicate apathetic feelings or depression from your life.

The inner dialogues can teach you take control of you and your spouse life instead of becoming a passive receptor of apathy and depression.

Make plans and implement it

Once you have listed down the ways, apathy is taking lead in you or your spouse life, it is necessary to make plans and implement them in time. You can create schedules for accomplishing necessary chores. You can call your friends or relatives for a small get together or make other specific plans with them.

If you have children, you can plan specific and separate activities for their entertainment too. Creating peace and harmony at home and outside surroundings can eradicate all the apathetic feelings with ease.


Examine the root cause of apathy

It is necessary to search out for the root cause and reasons behind the apathy. Apathy might be the result of any traumatic event that has taken its control over a specific person both emotionally and physically. It is important to understand and find ways to overcome the root cause of apathy by promoting harmony, calmness and positive environment.

You can play soft music with lightings, keep the environment clean and hygienic, arrange snacks or dinner parties or even visit the homes of the underprivileged children. These activities or hobbies can change overall attitude and perspective of a person towards self and others, provided a right action is chosen to overcome the specific level of apathy.

A right approach can bring both excitement and thrill in your life while keeping you away from all the apathetic feelings. It can also help you and your spouse, maintain a happy and enthusiastic approach towards life and its routine tasks.

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