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How to deal with cheaters

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Life is complicated, and it gets further thorny when one faces a betrayal. Every human being wants to depend and trust on someone. But, trusting someone becomes a big fault, when that someone ends up cheating on you. And, though it is quite tough, it is not impossible to come out of such phases of life. And, in order to help you out, we have discussed some ways of dealing with cheaters.

Everything will be fine

It is really shocking for someone when he gets to know that he has been cheated. He may keep saying to himself “No! This has not happened!” There have been cases when out of shock people get depressed, and even commit suicide. But, in order to cope up with such traumas, there is an utmost requirement to realize that your world has not come to an end. You have been cheated, and that is itself so much painful. Therefore, instead of hurting yourself further, move on in life. Engage yourself into something, so that the incident doesn’t keep pinching you all the time. If somebody tries to talk to you about it, then see that the person is reliable or not. If he is, then just go for it. The reason is, at that moment in time when you have been cheated, you will need someone with whom you can share your problems and sorrows. It will help you deal with your situation a bit more easily. They might give you proper advice, which you might not be able to think of at that time.

You are not the only victim

When a person is cheated, he thinks “Why god! Why did this happen to me?” Now, the thing is, you may feel that probably it is only you who has been cheated so badly. And in this way your pain will get accumulated. But, if you make an effort to talk to people, maybe by joining some support groups, you would get to know that there are number of other people who have faced all these. It will enable you to understand the experiences of others, and would surely make you feel much better. If you ask any psychologist regarding the matter, then they will also tell you about people who have experienced similar problems. So, the main thing is that, do not feel sad about whatever has happened. Take this as a lesson, and be cautious from now on.

Don‒t make the mistake of blaming yourself

If someone has cheated on you, then that doesn’t mean that you have done something wrong. The cheater might say: “You compelled me to do this”. But, then don’t start thinking that you are responsible for everything that has happened. You must realize that the cheater is trying to put the blame on you, for which he knows he is answerable to you. And, even if you have done something that doesn’t mean that someone will cheat on you for that. And blaming you cannot be a justification for cheating. You must know that no one has the right to cheat. Do not ever take the blame on yourself. It will ruin your self confidence and demoralize you completely.

Break off or give a second chance

The cheater might be your friend, your fiancé, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your family member or someone who is very close to you. You might not be able to break off or end up a relationship the moment you learn that you have been cheated by any one of them. So, this might give you a hard time. But, if you feel that giving a second chance will be fine, then go for it. If the cheater is your husband, then breaking up with him is surely going to be a tough decision. Therefore, you may warn him saying that you are aware of what he has done. Let him know that you are quite offended about it, but since you respect the relationship that both of you share, you are giving him a last chance. However, think before you do this. Cheaters must not take you lightly. So, be very alert from next time. But, if you feel that the cheater has crossed the limits, seek legal advice. Do not keep thinking about continuing a relationship, where the trust has been broken so badly.


Be sure about what you are doing

After being cheated, you feel really helpless. But, even then you yourself must not cheat on anyone in order to take revenge. Another thing that you must keep in mind is, discuss the problems only with reliable people, or else, rumors might get spread. And rumors would affect you badly, especially if you have filed a case against the cheater. Also, out of anger, you might add up something to what has actually happened, but do not do that. The cheater might get hold of evidence that may go against you. And, before you take any step against him, be sure that you were faithful to him. He might be cheating on you because you have cheated on him in the past. So, be loyal and truthful.

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