Accept the fact that you are different and make it your strength

Being different may be hard to swallow but it sure does not take away the fact that like most others you also have certain strengths and weaknesses that make you valuable. You may not be smart like others or may have to struggle hard to match them but that should not bother you.

All those people who are different like migrants, gay people, physically or mentally challenged or those who are extremely poor and risk their lives to make two ends meet are special. You are a unique individual with different needs and requirements. Accept your true self and make efforts to move forward and upward in life.

Being different

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It’s always easy to relate with those who sail in the same boat. Sometime it is necessary to go through the pain to feel it. It is also true that differences in one way or another motivate you to create your own identity so that you set good examples for those who belong to you. All the great people of the world have one thing in common.

They are different from all others and this is something that contributes a lot in making them successful. It’s quite natural that at times you find it hard to accept the fact that your differences make you unique. It is even more difficult if you keep making baseless comparisons with significant others who find it hard to belong to you.

Being different proves helpful


Especially, when you come across those who are likewise, it becomes easy to relate to them. Something that makes you different proves helpful as you find it easier to mingle with them. Differences bring you closer and help you build new relationship. You find it easier to connect with those who are different in the same manner, regardless of your religion, community or the color of your skin. In such a situation, the uniqueness become your identity and brings you closer.

The price you pay


Your differences become a part of you and it is not only hard but also impossible to make a different identity. Those people who feel ashamed of it may try but get disappointed in the end. For example, there is no such compulsion that all those kids who go to school must have their own houses. Those kids whose parents keep changing their street locations have to explain it to their teachers and friends every time they get shifted to a new place.

It may be embarrassing for some kids considering the social status and desirability but they have to live with the fact. It is important that you embrace your differences and learn to make them your strength. Those who love and admire your true self would always be there by your side and your certainly do not need those who do not understand you.

Love the fact and move on

Love the fact

It may be hard to convince others if you find it hard to accept your true self. Spend quality time with those who are different in the same manner. It helps you ease the pain and move on in life.

You may help you improve on the so-called flaw if you are strongly determined but do it for yourself not to please others or to get an acceptance. Positive attitude and one mindedness can take you a long way in life. Make your uniqueness your biggest strength and encourage those who are different in the same manner.

Live your life

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Nothing changes the fact that it’s your life and you have a right to live it your way. Acceptance makes you feel good about yourself but do not forget the fact that you have to fight your own battle and that too without seeking support from anyone. Do not let anything keep you from laughing at the ignorance of those who fail to understand that you are unique and not at their mercy at all.

Do not forget that your differences make you unique. Accept your differences and turn them into your strengths so that others envy you.

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