Lessons you can learn from kids to find the path to success

“A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.” -Paulo Coelho

Happy Family Embracing

Kids live a carefree life where each day brings new dreams and many reasons to be happy. There is no place for grieves and sorrows in their lives. The world would be a better place to live if you embrace the child in you and develop a different perspective to look at it.

Take it easy

Head and hands shot of Little girl sticking out her tongue at the camera for fun

Kids never take anything seriously and live in today. They are not worried about future. On the contrary, grownups usually have tons of insecurities. They want a lot of money, fame and the worldly possessions to keep themselves happy but do not understand that happiness stems from within.

Unlike kids, they are always worried about future and have countless fears that do not let them take a sigh of relief. If you do not take things seriously and accept life as it comes, half of your problems would disappear.

Live as if there is no tomorrow

close up of child  showing two dirty hands

Kids do not make plans and keep thinking over them for months. For them, it is now or never. They take great proud in following their instincts. They eat when they are hungry, sleep when they are tired like anything and start each day from a scratch.

They do not copy the behavior patterns for their friends as for them they are unique. They believe in setting standards not following them. It is good to get inspired but not at the cost of losing your own identity. You are special and that’s the way you have to treat yourself.

Get new experiences

Close up of a dirty child with scraggly hair holding a chicken against a light background

Unlike adults, kids do not have a fear of trying new things. They are always ready to visit a new place, take a new responsibility and to try their level best even if they fail. They do not take things to heart. If they fail, they put on a puppy face but forget all about it a few minutes later.

They do not want to please others and get others approval to run around the place. If grownups learn the behavior pattern life would be nothing but full of excitement. You must not let your fear overpower you. Live your life your way and do not let other call shots in your life.

Value each moment spent with your loved ones

 Value each moment

Kids wait all day long to be with their parents and other members of the family. They share every single detail of how they spent their day, tease their siblings, make funny faces and laugh a lot. They value their relationships and treat everyone special. Grownups forget to understand that the time spent together is valuable. You can make a lot of money, drive luxury cars and own a big house but time spent with your loved ones would never com back.

Say good bye to your fears

Man carrying big 3D fear concrete word balancing on ridge with with gray cloudy sky background

Fear of loneliness, fear of losing your loved ones, fear of failure and fear of success too. The world of grownups is full by so many fears. These fears always pull you backward and force you to live a miserable life.

Kids on the other hand live a fearless life. They do not hesitate to run fast even when they are not able to walk. This fearless attitude can make you a winner in life. Do you remember how many opportunities have you lost simply because you have a fear of failure?

Life is an open road for all. Each individual is daring and courageous in childhood. You do not give a hoot about what others think or say about you. You do not hide your true self from all others. Be that little kid again who is strong minded, funny, shameless, open minded, daring and a conqueror.

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