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It is important that you live life with a positive attitude and never let your hardships describe you. Those who look ahead in life and make happy memories to cherish forever touch new milestones. No one can suggest you better ways to live a complete life but elders who have seen it all and done it all. Isn’t it better to learn from their experiences than making mistakes yourself?

Accept your past, live in present and work on future

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You must not let your memories fade away with time as they help you stay grounded and at the same time give you the strength to move forward on path of success. Your biggest competitor is always your past self. It is possible to live in present and enjoy each day when you embrace your past. Do not let a single moment pass by without giving you a reason to smile. Love yourself the way you are and make efforts to realize your dreams too. Each stage of life comes with different experiences.

Acknowledge the change in you

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Change is the only thing, which is permanent. Everything changes with time, as this is the law of nature. The hardships of life change and turn you into a better person. You cannot blame your troubles to steal your happiness as they make you strong with time. A time comes when you cannot imagine your existence without bitter memories. Accept the change and keep learning all your life.

Everything adds value to your personal growth

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Those who believe that success helps them grow fail to understand the fact that failures make them wiser to make important decisions in life. Success unlike failure has no learning for you, which means no growth at all. Good time certainly makes you happy and keeps you motivated. However, bad time helps you analyze your inner strengths and give you hope of a better tomorrow. Time never comes back. Each moment good or bad adds value to your experience to move on in life.

Make happy memories each passing day

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Most people spend all their lives waiting for the moment when everything is going to be all right and they could live their dreams. It never happens, as there are no miracles. Learn to steal happy moments from everyday life as each day brings beautiful surprises for all. Choose happiness and positivity to make yourself truly successful.

Learn to love other the way they are

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Love each individual who comes across you regardless of the differences in religion, cast, creed and socioeconomic status. Respect others and offer your help when they need it the most. Love others but do not try to keep them from living their lives the way they always wanted to live. Love does not teach you to control all others around you but to set them free to live their lives. Love is accepting others the way they are and to be there to support them through thick and thin.

Practice gratitude

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Psychologists believe that those wish to attain eternal happiness must practice gratitude. Contrary to the common belief that when you buy something for yourself you feel happy, you feel happy when you give others. Help others to overcome their difficulties, to achieve their goals and to keep a smile on their faces. Those who count their blessing pave way for their success in life. Make sure you do an act of kindness each passing day even if it is as simple as smiling at a stranger or offering your help to elderly people.

You do not have to flip over the pages of motivational books or inspirational journals when you listen and follow the advice of your elders. Learn to look ahead in life and keep your hopes up for a better tomorrow.

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