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8 Ultimate Signs That You Are Harming Your Body Image

stand before a mirror.

Body image is a great possession you carry. It plays a major role in your achievements and failures in addition to other parameters. Harming your body image boils down to a bigger loss than what is apparent. The image you have of your body is a reflection of your mind. It mirrors what you feel about yourself in lucid lines. It is an indication of your self-confidence. Plus, it clearly brings out your attitudinal inclinations.

sound combination of body and mind

Despite having a sound combination of body and mind, people are obsessed with fitting into the standard body image benchmark as hyped by advertising media. They resort to silly things to enhance their body image, placing great value on other’s views and ignoring the self-realization of what suits him/her best!

Signs that you are harming your body image

Body image issues can come from any source – sources you wouldn’t have suspected even in your wildest dreams!  They quietly creep into your life and make you do things that you have never done before. Here are a few ways in which you are harming your body image.

• Stressing too much on the BMI factor:


Physicians, insurance agents, and physical training instructors still consider BMI is a sacrosanct indicator of health. BMI categorically sets numbers to determine healthy, overweight, and obese people. Neither does it insist on a beefcake nor physic favor a skinny frame. These demarcations stick to your mindset, thereby affecting your body image.

• Striving for one ideal body type:

ideal body

Health magazines and bodybuilding websites may be harming your body image. They project a six-pack model and promote it as the ultimate goal for health and happiness. A physique like Arnold Schwarzenegger seems the eventual objective in life. This builds stress for not matching up to expectations and holding back your body image becomes tougher.

• Getting swayed by dressing rules:

dressing rules

Media propaganda has spread into the theme of dressing as well. They dictate how you should dress to project a desired look. Apparel industry spells out standard patterns of dressing – like vertical stripes to look slim and designer garments to bring in an illusion of curves where you want to have them. This is a pseudo convention, being forced down upon consumers even when they are reluctant to swallow the garbage. This affects the body image in an adverse way.

• You can’t find joy:

 stand before a mirror.

People are conscious of their looks and it can strongly influence their feelings. This obsession with looks can be harming your body image. Whenever you stand before a mirror prior to a party and don’t like the way you look, a wave of gloom overpowers you. You feel like not showing up to the party at all.

Even if circumstantial compulsions get you to the jamboree, you project a negative and unhappy image. That you have a golden heart is suppressed by the feeling that your skin is going lose or your wrinkles are too pronounced. It is tough, but holding back your body image is important.

• You fail to meet objectives:


A negative thought on the self-image is a big hurdle in meeting objectives. We put more emphasis on selecting the right attire and accessories, instead of cultivating a new expertise, finding potential trading partners, or winning lucrative projects. This will lead you to seriously harming your body image and thereby letting all the opportunities slip out of your grip.

• Fear of drawing attention:


A negative perception of body image brings in more disasters. It keeps you from voicing your feelings, desires, and ideas – lest people notice you and grimace in distaste.  The fear of being noticed deprives you of good things in life. You start lagging behind in career advancements and maintaining relationships.

• Considering social networking sites as a place for acceptance:

social networking

Definitely, here digital technology is harming your body image. Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter become the cause of all trouble. People use them to project happy family pictures, show off their wealth, thereby promoting an image of wealthy social standing.

In fact, these online platforms eat into your productive time and often cause breakups in relationships. You feel socially alienated and unknowingly spoil your body image in reality when your posts are met with a cold response.

• Obsessed with the selfie:

 Obsessed with the selfie

Your selfie obsession is leading you to holding back your body image. You may try to exhibit a bright and happy self-image to the world, but it just becomes an obnoxious second habit that does more harm than good. The world around you could easily make out that something is wrong with you or that you are tormented by your self-image. You are under duress to prove the opposite.

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