The Harmful Effects of Loneliness and How to Overcome them by Yourself

Being alone and being lonely are two distinct terminologies. Being alone does you no harm. In fact, it is important to give yourself that time frame where you sit alone and be only in the company of yourself for a while. Alone time is necessary for you to dwell upon your actions, and think of your future pans. It refreshes your mind and leaves you feeling more energetic than before. Loneliness, however, is a completely different aspect. This happens when one has nobody to talk to or be with.

Such people have absolutely no close friends or family who can look beyond what their face says. Different people react in different ways to loneliness. A handful of people take it upon themselves, and channel all their energy into their work of professional life, and turn all tides in their favour. But a vast majority of people are badly affected by isolation and being lonely.
Drawbacks of being lonely:

being Suicidal

There are plenty of damaging factors that arise due to loneliness and isolation. But the good news is that you can tackle them all. Loneliness is a serious issue. There are many people out there who are falling prey to various physical and mental illnesses just because they are lonely. Man is a social animal. Man needs other people around him to rely upon when the need arises.

Loneliness is a severe condition, which is often underrated. Lonely people are everywhere to be find hiding behind happy and content masks, fooling people all around them. The harmful effects which come with loneliness are not to be overlooked, since they are as fatal and harmful as any other physical condition.

  • Health issues: Being lonely takes a toll on your health in its own way. A disturbed mind will eventually lead to disturbed bodily functions. Lack of concentration and considerably low mental retaining capacity are the most common of symptoms. Also, lonely people are more prone to over intake drugs which can then harm their health. The circulation of hormones in the body is highly affected, and so is the blood pressure.
  • Suicidal tendencies: With absolutely nobody to talk to, one starts feeling neglected and isolated. To a lonely person, everyone else seems happy and full of life. They start cursing and doubting their condition to an extent that they no longer wish to live. This is when over usage of drugs starts happening. They lose interest in life, and suicidal tendencies set in.
  • Sleep deprivation: A stressed out mind cannot easily concentrate and think clearly. Many thoughts keep running through their head all day long. Since they have no one to talk to, these thoughts do not find a way out. There are no conversations taking place, and hence it is the sleeping pattern which gets disrupted. They spend more time lying awake in bed with plenty of thoughts scurrying through their minds. 

How can you address loneliness?

Talk to trustworthy people

Addressing the root problem is more important than addressing the symptoms. There are a few ways by which the condition of loneliness can be dealt with. You need to follow certain measures which will help you overcome the problem of loneliness.

  • Seek professional help: Although underrated, there is therapy for every other physical and emotional disorder. You can seek help from professionals who know how to guide other people out of loneliness. By being on proper medications and following their prescribed ways of bringing your life back on track, you can counter loneliness and become the energetic and happy person you originally were.
  • Talk to trustworthy people: There are plenty of amazing and reliable people out there waiting to help their friends and family members, who might be feeling lonely. You can open up to such people and talk your heart out. Do not let yourself be alone, try being in the company of people who lift you up.

How can you tackle its drawbacks on your own?

Spend time with people

  • Be optimistic about the future: No matter how long it may seem, loneliness is a phase, and will wither away with time. The future is delightful and hold much more good than you can contemplate.
  • Spend time with people around you: Talk to them and have healthy conversations. Do not completely isolate yourself lest you want to deal with pessimist thoughts dominating your thinking capacity.
  • Don’t give up: Having occasional emotional breakdowns is absolutely normal. Reach out to people who may be going the same issue as yours. Become a source of inspiration for them, this will uplift your impression about yourself further, and will help you progress in your life.

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