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Top 10 wine tourism destinations in the world

Napa Valley, California:

While talking about the top ten destinations in wine tourism, the extraordinary charm of Napa Valley in California comes to mind in an instant flash! It is one of the most sought after wine tourism destinations in the world, and there is much truth in the statement ‘Napa Valley is the wine tourist’s paradise’. You are exposed to an amazing wine country once you step inside the valley adorned with exquisite panoramic view. As you meander along the enchanting trail with excellent vineyards all along the way, it is a real feast to your eyes and senses. Mustards bloom in winter painting the landscape in bright shades of yellow. Rolling terrains and breathtaking view of the valley framed within magnificent vineyards and wineries complete the beauty of nature. The wine tasting rooms are simply great with warm hospitality and so are the famous eateries with delicious food to offer. There is a mud bath facility to enjoy to the core of your heart, and cozy hotels and resorts are scattered all over the valley answering the needs of tourists turning the valley a place of powerful tourist appeal.


Rioja Wine Country, Spain:

The Rioja Wine Country in Spain stands second in popularity with a brilliant combination of Spanish history, breathtaking landscapes, mouth watering Iberian food and premium wines. Rioja tops as the most popular Spanish wine country. This picturesque spot is situated in North East Spain with the river Ebro flowing by, and its northern fringes bound by a chain of mountains known as the Cantabria’s.  Traditionally, the wineries in Rioja are legendary wine makers. Their century old wine trade is an amazing mix of new and old wine making business. On a long walk around the busy streets of Laurel, you bump into a restaurant with delicious Spanish food on offer. The aroma is simply overwhelming, and is a strong temptation for your gastronomic weakness.

San Juan and San Agustin are cities where you feast on local mouthwatering tapas in accompaniment of sparkling wine. Las Cubanas is famous for its lip smacking treat of suckling pigs which can be always celebrated with wine from the local winery! If you want to dine in Spanish Vanguardia style, eateries in Ezcaray can well give you a feel of heaven. The food is exceptionally scrumptious, and the moments spent on the table would be worth preserving forever. The range and choice of accommodations dotted with five starred or three starred hotels and boutique hotels amid a rustic setting with world class amenities have been entertaining global tourists and wine lovers for years. The major visiting seasons are the spring and fall. The harvest season starts late September running through the month of October.


Danube, Austria:

From the angle of tourist popularity, Danube in Austria is a hot spot wine tour destination. The river Danube meanders across the wine country with eye catching landscapes along its banks, and the character of the terrain changes from abrupt slopes covered with lush and terraced vineyards to rolling meadows and deep valleys with thick cover of woods at the fringes beyond which the historic castles stand majestically. The land under wine cultivation in this wonderful land is a priceless treasure some of which are unexplored.
The vineyards touch the impressive monastery of Melk in one extreme till the city confines of Vienna. The chief wine producing areas of Wachau, Kremstal ,Kamptal and Wagram standing along the blue ripples of the flowing river Danube are a feast to your senses. These splendid wine producing regions can be traversed by cars, trains, motorboat and bicycle and even on foot.

For a taste of cuisine of excellence with assorted brands of wine, you get renowned eateries in Wachau with an ambience of a country manor house set amidst green surroundings.  Restaurants located amidst the vineyards of Senftenberg close to Krems offer gleaming luscious wine matched with elegant Austrian cuisine along with a mesmerizing sight of the remains of the Ehrenfels castle. Besides, there are boutique hotels in Furth. The breakfasts served here are great and comes in accompaniment with sparkling wine. Wine tasting rooms and wine shops remain operative throughout the week from April through October offering outstanding organized tour and wine tasting trips twice a day.


Long Island, New York

The North and South Forks of Long Island, New York offers a great wine tourism experience and is popular among tourists as well. It is flanked by sandy beaches and lively fishing settlements on one side and undulating farmlands and green wood on the other. Long Island is a deviation from any other region in America with respect to its scenic beauty, landscape character and general ambience. The north and south forks of long island are collectively called the East End. They stick out into the Atlantic Ocean like a dual spiked fork with the stunning Shelter Island locked between the pointy headed projections. This amazing wine country is roughly a two and half hour drive from Manhattan. It is a splendid mix of metropolis against a backdrop of serene and yet vigorous rural setting. The economy is largely agro based. There are family operated farms and the small time wine makers work in harmony through judicious utilization of the land, sea and vines.
Coming to the choice of accommodation, you can opt for a farmhouse in Mattituck to have a unique experience in winery.  This comes in a brilliant and compact package offering excellent vineyard views, fascinating wine and gastronomic food prepared by the multifaceted owner cum chef.


Stellenbosch Wine Country, South Africa:

Stellenbosch wine country in South Africa offers a combination of everything touching art, culture, food, trekking and surfing. Within a brief span of time, this region has developed some great wineries and a vigorous wine tourism business. This South African town located on the banks of river Eerste has been featured in the wine enthusiasts’ magazine as the best wine tourism destination. It is surrounded on all sides by imposing mountains giving it an amphitheatre like look. Exquisite vines are a part of the scenery set against an undulating landscape.

It is hard to resist the temptation of the delicious menu offered by a Jordan restaurant. The chef here works magic in the kitchen and brings forth luscious, piping hot and mouth watering cuisine. As regards accommodation, the country lodges offer a relaxed and cozy stay along with a panoramic view of the landscape. The Stellenbosch valley and the table mountain conjure up pure magic.


Monterey Wine Country, California:

Monterey wine country is one of California’s prime wine manufacturing regions. The success of wine tourism lies in vineyards, and Talbot Vineyard, Manzoni Estate Vineyard, Pessagno Winery and Sycamore Cellars speak of the booming wine tourism here. The scenic beauty is unmatched. The legendary Big Sur is the seventeen mile drive, and equally famous is the Pebble Beach golf course. Excellent resorts abound the country with delicious cuisine on offer. There are stellar local wine and luxury spa baths to pamper oneself. Special events like winery walk, rock and run and golf tournaments are added attractions providing extra entertainment apart from wine and food.


Vale Dos Vinhedos, Brazil:

Vale Dos Vinhedos wine growing region in Brazil is an immensely popular wine tourism destination presenting a different picture of tourism than that observed in the sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro. This place contributes about 90% of the wine production in Brazil drawing a good number of wine lovers and tourists every year.  It is practically decked with splendid wineries, luxury resorts and restaurants. This Latin American wine country once saw a large influx of immigrants from Northern Italy. The most famous wine growing areas are located around Serra Gaucha. The terrain is hilly with an amazing landscape offering decent accommodation, eateries, good food and wine. The best time to visit this wine country is March, the harvest season.


Willamette Valley, Oregon:

Willamette valley in Oregon is famous for its exquisite scenery, great wineries with a delicious combination of wine and food to push oneself almost to the verge of getting spoilt. Splendid toy towns and thrilling outdoor activities are other exciting features. The view of the surrounding landscape is breathtaking to remain etched in your mind forever. Summer solstice festival, summer wine tours with luncheon and dinner, half marathon and picnic themed events are added attractions for the visitors.


Hunter Valley, Australia:

The Hunter valley in New South Wales is one of the Australia’s traditional grapes farming regions. It offers some of the world’s best wines ever. It is just a couple of hours drive from Sydney. The country has vast open spaces and boasts of wineries producing some of the world’s terrific wines. Moreover, the endless list of things to see and do in this century old but dynamic wine country continues to draw tourists and wine lovers from different corners of the globe.


Douro Valley Wine country, Portugal:

The Douro valley wine country surrounded by amazing landscapes is located in the Northern part of Portugal and is famous for producing some great quality wines. The country is mountainous, and the vineyards grow on terraced farming overlooking the magnificent Douro River. The wine and food here are big hits. Apart from enjoying the best quality Port, a cruise along the river Douro presents another attraction for the tourists to enjoy.  If you prefer to eat, drink and sleep in your own way, eateries and accommodations suiting the needs of everybody’s pocket are in plenty.


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