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Dark Tourism Guide

Probable effects of the Istanbul terror attack and Turkey coup on tourism

Tourism is on the rise in Turkey, making it one of the top 10 destinations chosen by tourists from the US. Turkey ranks sixth in the list of the top medical tourism destinations as well, thanks to its extraordinary infrastructure, skilled workers, and the obviously affordable prices. Thus, aside from intending to explore the scenic beauty and diverse culture of ...

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Prevention and precautions in Dark Tourism

Before heading for Dark tourism, the tourists must ensure certain precautionary measures or else he may head for trouble spoiling the fun of the trip. The first precautionary step is no doubt proper handling and custody of travel documents. If the papers are misplaced, you will not be able to move an inch ahead. The worst scene is that you ...

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Things to do post Dark Tourism

The ghastly spectacle of the aftermaths of a catastrophe preserved down the age can give you a mixed feeling. To be honest, pain and grief comes last and before that your thirst for academic interest supported by boundless curiosity is what that gets answered. The exact driving power that pulls you to a disaster is still under research. However, meticulous ...

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Travel and tourism arrangements in Dark Tourism

Much like cultural tourism, Dark tourism is also based upon academic premises. The visiting tourists must be fed on factual data, authentic facts and figures of historical value and the social impact the disaster had both in modern times and in the past. The travel agents look forward to supplying this material and go beyond just arranging the thanatourism trip ...

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What is dark tourism?

Dark tourism is associated with death. No matter how strong the agony may have been, the death site has its own attraction on a rather negative tune but is still a major tourist puller in its own specialright. Dark tourist aka death tourism is also called Grief tourism to recall the scale of sufferings faced by the victim(s) before they ...

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Why dark tourism matters?

Despite its association with the macabre and destruction Dark tourism is a form of tourism one cannot ignore. Whether it is an unethical form of tourist entertainment is purely a matter of debate, but it is a fact that Dark tourism occupies a significant share of tourism industry as a whole. Movement of tourists towards disaster sites generates money improving ...

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History of Dark Tourism

Dark tourism has a long and proven history. It was a pronounced phenomenon during the middle ages. It assumed a huge proportion in the Romantic period at the later stage of eighteenth century. Mass cemeteries, gruesome dungeons and public punishment gallows, pillories and decapitation grounds have lured throngs of visitors since ages bygone. The bloodstained battlefield of waterloo drew inquisitive ...

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Essential components of dark tourism

Dark tourism is founded upon a platform not quite common with its counterpart tourism niches. Apparently the components sound negative blocking any inflow of tourists and exactly here lies the paradox. Words and elements like carnage, war, death, torture, mass graveyard and catastrophe should have been quite disgusting for the visiting tourists extinguishing their interest, but to the contrary these ...

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