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How to deal with ambiguous situations

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Life is full of extra ordinary challenges and ambiguous situations. Uncertainty brings thrilling moments in our everyday life. People who manage them rightly, enjoy their everyday life; and people who don’t, struggle to face ambiguity in their life. Here are a few simple tips to face ambiguous situations.

Remove meaning

Whatever you have learned so far in your life may give you enough reasons to choose whether a task is right or wrong. When you don’t possess any sort of experience with something that you are about to do, obviously, you will feel uncomfortable about the uncertain situations. The situation might be worse if you have heard something bad about them, through some of your friends or colleagues. Never believe that if something hasn’t worked for others, it’s not going to work for you as well. As every human being is born unique and possess his/her own talents, you may not know your capability in making a task successful, unless you try it by yourselves. It’s good to know others’ experience. But, don’t compare your situations to them. Instead, just consider them as the guidelines to perform your work in a successful manner.

Be aware of your feelings

There is no human being in the world who can understand you better than yourself. You are the master of your own life. In order to estimate whether you are uncomfortable with ambiguous situations or not, you must be aware of your feelings. In fact, it’s so simple than to suffer from the confusion about facing uncertainty. One of the best ways to know your feelings is to rate yourselves about your comfort. To be precise, rate your happiness level in a scale of 0 to 10; 0 represents nil happiness and 10 represents 100 percent happiness. Ask yourselves whether the ambiguous situations you are about to face will make you happy or not. If your answer is yes, then you have to face it at any cost. If your answer is negative, obviously, you may simply avoid the opportunity.

Act fast

Once you become aware of your feelings, you must plunge into action immediately. If you delay in making your decision, you will flood with negative thoughts. These thoughts will prevent you from stepping out of your comfort zone. As a result, you may miss your opportunities to a better life. That’s why you should act fast. However, you must not hurry with your actions. Make your decisions fast and proceed with your actions steadily. Of course, ambiguous situations involve stepping into a complicated system where you might not know how to proceed. But, once you step into it, you will trace your path on your own, thereby leaving no written rules for facing any situation. It will result in either more success or less success.

Evade your fears

Fear is one the worst enemies of human beings. It prevents people from being themselves. With a lot of uncertainty in your path, obviously you will be flooded with fearful thoughts. Fear is common to every human being in the world. But some people overcome it to become successful, while some others don’t. When you visualize yourselves about the negative side of your ambiguous situations, you will have hundreds of reasons to leave the opportunity. That’s why you should avoid them. The only thing that prevents you from being great is your fear. You cannot control yourselves from fearful thoughts; but, you can make them disappear if you focus your attention on the benefits of stepping into your ambiguous situations. Consider your fear as the other side of yourself who prevents you from becoming successful. Challenge your fears and fight against them.

Embrace positivity

Positivity boosts one’s self confidence and ability. When you have the courage to face any situation, obviously you will have favorable circumstances. Millions of people speak about positivity; but, they fail to embrace it in their real life situations. One of the success principles of dealing with ambiguous situations is to focus your attention only on the positive side of the outcome. If you need the results deliberately, you must face such situations without thinking how hard it will be. Make decisions on your own and be yourselves. You may seek help and guidelines from others, but the final decision should be entirely yours. With these basic techniques, you can deal with any ambiguous situations. Enjoy the thrilling moments of life!

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Dr Prem Jagyasi

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