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Five amazing yoga oriented retreats and holidays around the world

Five amazing yoga oriented retreats and holidays around the world

Planning to go to the mountains or the beaches to have that perfect spiritual atmosphere and gain mental peace and harmony, then yoga vacations would surely appeal to you. However, the question is “which place is the best to go to”?   Here is a short list that would help you out on deciding the ultimate international yoga destination to suit your tastes- so decide which one is for you!

Anamaya Resort, Costa Rica
Costa Rica has plenty of options, however Anamaya Resort in the northern reaches of the country are unmatched! This resort actually reminds one of a Balinese resort, as the entire ambience is exotic, and it is also just within reach of Montezuma- a town on the Nicoya Peninsula! Here, you can participate in the daily Anusara yoga classes, focus on detox, circus skills and meditation which use various activities such as trapeze and fire dancing acts, organic cuisine and the saltwater infinity pool. If you find that the in-house retreats are beyond your budget, then you can opt for their regular yoga classes in their stunning yoga pavilion.

Blue Osa, Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a haven when it comes to flora and fauna, and the Osa Peninsula has a lot of exotic wildlife in abundance ranging from jaguars and sea turtles to the red-backed squirrel money and the macaws. Be one with nature here and perform your yoga postures with the toucans watching you at Blue Osa.

Kalani Oceanside, Hawaii
Kalani is a haven, which is safely hidden on the big Island. There are numerous yoga courses happening there throughout the year and in fact, a lot of visiting yoga teachers has their own international retreats here. If you do not find a course timing of your liking, then you can opt for it daily yoga classes at any point in time as Kalani has many other wellness courses for its guests. The pool has a perfect ambiance with the giant Buddha overlooking it.

The Sanctuary, Thailand
The Sanctuary is located in the place where the popular full moon parties happen in Thailand- Koh Pangam. Do not worry, as this place is located at a short ride away from the action. The detox programs here are very popular and anyone can opt for their twice a day yoga classes. This is a perfect getaway to unwind, as the panoramic view from the restaurant is breathtakingly beautiful!

Ananda Spa, India
Yoga was originated in India, but unfortunately, the country is not the best place to practice the art. However, the Ananda Spa near Rishikesh, at the footsteps of the Himalaya begs to differ. This excellent, luxury resort spa has various awards to its credits as it specialises in Ayurvedic therapies, Vedanta and Yoga. The luxurious holistic workshops and treatments conducted by the masters make it well worth visiting.


It is difficult to find places that are far from the maddening crowds where one can be at one with nature and also practice yoga under expert supervision. The above resort spas are the perfect retreat for those who seek a spiritual vacation for nurturing their souls.

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