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Best holiday destination in Budapest

Best holiday destination in Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and one of the largest cities in the Europe. It is located in the central northern part of the country. It is separated by Danube River.  It is the home town for about 3.3 million people. City covers an area of 525 square kilometers.  It is pointed as the most beautiful cities in Europe. Budapest is the one of the few cities in the world which is having the high school for the folk dance. The city shines with almost 223 museums and galleries consists of several memories. Budapest city consists of not only the Hungarian historical, art and science but also the most memories of universal and European culture and science. In Budapest there are 40 theaters, 7 concert halls and a beautiful opera house. The First language is the Hungarian.


Why to Visit Budapest: Visiting the Budapest give us the experience of both old and modern technology. You can find the Thermal baths and medicinal waters with the old architecture surroundings. There is a lot to feel even the spas and well hotels. To say in straight it is almost the inexpensive city compared to the Prague or Vienna. Good variety of hotels for your expecting range in Budapest. Budapest city is alive with great parties in good pubs and open clubs. Huge variety of cultural entertainment attracts you all the time. Families with kids will entertain more in the zoo and botanical garden nicely. The wonderful, delicious tasty food with all varieties of local and foreign attracts the visitors.

Some of the holiday destinations in Budapest:

Fisherman’s Bastion

It is located right behind the Matthias church in the castle district of Budapest. It is one of the biggest tourist drawn cities. The seven tent-like turrets is the symbol for the seven Hungarian tribes that arrived to the Carpathian basin in 896. Some of the visitors consider the view from the fisherman’s bastion is the one of the best in the city. There is a statue between the Mathhias church and Fisherman’s Bastion statue of the first Christian king of Hungary, St. Stephen. The statue is mounted on a horse.


Budapest’s whale

It is the two warehouses joined by a large whale-shaped glass atrium in Budapest. It rests on the side of pest’s riverbank between the Petofi and Szabadsag bridges. It is referred to as the CET (Central European Time) building. It lies for the cultural, gastronomic and commercial center offering different for each floor. Level 1 there will be flea and markets and restaurants, shops in the other floors. It will always welcome the visitors.

Chain Bridge and the Danube Promenade

It is built in the middle of 19th century. Chain Bridge is the one of the well- known Budapest attractions. This bridge is the famous and hosted for the annual summer festival titled the summer on the chain bridge. The Danube spans from Elizabeth Bridge to chain bridge. It is fully covered with Luxury hotels and restaurants with stunning cafes. Elizabeth Bridge is the most highlight part to see. There is a small statue of little princess who is sitting on the promenade’s railings at vigado square. It is one of the Budapest new attractions

Central Market Hall

It is the large treasure trove of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and culinary delicious. Market hall is the pest end of Liberty Bridge however is famous for the architecture. It is one of the most modern indoor markets in Budapest.


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