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Amazing angola attractions and activities to do in angola


Angola is a gigantic nation and the atmosphere in the north is considerably more tropical than in the parched south. The stormy season in the north normally endures from November to April. The south gets scattered downpours twice a year, from March to July and October to November.

The point when to Go: Avoiding the downpours is key to going to Angola, best opportunity to visit the north is May to October, the south is best from July to September (when its cooler).


Luanda – Angola’s occupied capital is a costly yet fascinating place to visit. It’s a cosmopolitan capital, with a phenomenal nightlife, arranged on the coast with great sunny shores adjacent.

ParqueNacional da Kissama

very nearly void of voyagers (for the time being), Kissama is a limitless and astounding natural life park.

Iona National Park – Angola’s biggest national park bordering the Atlantic sea with beautiful desert rises, more than enough winged animal life and gradually recuperating its bigger warm blooded animals after a few genuine poaching throughout the war.

Angola, ordinarily reputed to be South Africa’s last outskirts, is loaded with numerous stowed away enterprises and pressed with an extensive variety of Attractions (some obscure) that attract devoted travellers to this range. It is an unordinary end as it embodies distinctive scenes, atmospheres and societies. Made up of 18 regions; every area speaks to an alternate and remarkable nation, no two are the same… The scene is just about extraordinary, as one territory holds wide white vacation spots, an alternate a rainforest…  there is likewise totally open fields for miles and in addition colossal mountains overwhelming the scene!

Angola Attractions and Highlights: Our rundown of motivations to visit Angola!angola is a dazzling nation offering a without a doubt one of a kind and life-changing safari experience… It is a generally obscure African objective, read the Angola Highlights beneath.

African safari

  •  As numerous African safari nations Angola furnishes astonishing photograph chances to catch natural life, birdlife and scene.
  •  Angola is inexhaustible with specialty and create markets; astonishing artistic creations and in addition dazzling art gifts, holding up to be revealed.
  •  In Luanda (Capital of Angola) there are a couple of storehouses that we know you will like, for example; a Slave Museum, a Museum of Anthropology and a Museum of Natural History
  •  The scene in Angola is a colossal highlight and fascination!! With brilliant waterfalls, uncommon rock designs, huge Namib Desert zones and in addition steep gorges…  it is not something you will find anyplace else in Africa.
  •  Angola has the most staggering flavors, making sustenance here outstanding – attempt a percentage of the nearby food or purchase a few flavors to take home.
  •  In spite of the fact that Angola is regularly ordinarily connected with open fields, it is truly an astonishing angling terminus – attempt your hand at shore angling or profound see angling. The waters encompassing Angola hold fish species that are discovered in warm waters and additionally icy waters.
  •  Angola is finished with Game Parks, Nature Reserves and captivating ranges – our 4×4 Angola Expedition takes you to; Riverbed Bush camp, Iona National Park, Foz do Cunene, Baia dos Tigres, Lake Arco, Cahama and Lubango. In zones as these you can see rich winged creature life and over 900 types of endemics and close endemics!

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