To be a successful multitalented person in the modern day, you ought to channelize your talents.

A Quote by Dr Prem Jagyasi

The biggest problem with being multitalented is that all your energies get directed in different places and they drain the juice and intensity from your life. You rarely stay interested in the same thing for long, and move on to the others as soon as you are bored by them. In the long term, this prevents you from gaining excellence in any one field. You become jack of one trade but master of none. But, there’s one way of maintaining excellence in one field, while also satisfying the needs of your multitalented nature. For that, you should select job opportunities where you are required to be multitalented to begin with. For example, the most coveted jobs like that of a CEO or a film director require are best suited for multitalented people.

Quotes; “To be a successful multitalented person in the modern-day, you ought to channelize your talents.” – Quote by Dr Prem Jagyasi

To be a successful multitalented person

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