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Whose fault is it?

waiting for her friends

Melisa was waiting for her friends at the railway station when her phone rang. Her friends told her that they had got stuck in traffic and would take half an hour to reach there. They had made a plan to meet for lunch that day. Melisa had skipped her breakfast and now she was starving. She took out the pack of biscuits, which she had bought for her nephew. She thought she would buy another one for him since she had to go and meet him after lunch. A few minute later, a young boy who was in his twenties came and sat next to her.

Man eats cookies.

Melisa took out a biscuit and start eating it. The boy sitting next to her was staring at her constantly. A few minutes later Melisa realized that, he was also eating the biscuits from her pack of biscuits. She gave him a dirty look but didn’t have a nerve to say anything as he was constantly smiling at her. “What a weird way to make a pass at a girl,” she said to herself.

This time she took out two biscuits and start eating them. A minute later, she saw that the person sitting next to him also took two biscuits. “How dare he do that,” she thought.

She kept quiet for while as she was waiting for him to take out a biscuit but he didn’t do that as he was reading a book simultaneously. He had a big smile on his face as if he was doing it on purpose. A minute later she noticed the young boy sitting next to her took out the last two biscuits and offered her one. As soon as she snatched the biscuit from his hand and gulped it down her throat, she saw her friends coming from the opposite side. She took her handbag and ran towards them.

Young people eating lunch in office

They went to a restaurant and took their lunch there. A few minutes later, the waiter brought the bill, Melisa put her hand inside her bag to take out her wallet and found her pack of biscuits inside it. Her face went red when she realized her mistake. She shared the incidence with all her friends who laughed at her and called her names.

At times, we blame others without realizing our own fault. It’s always better to check things twice before drawing to a conclusion.

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