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Using self-love as a healer for yourself

self-love as a healer for yourself

Loving oneself is good but don’t know why some people think it of it as something bad. They feel that loving oneself means being selfish and narcissistic, which certainly is untrue. This one big misunderstanding should be cleared, as self-love is the purest form of love and narcissism is pure selfishness. Therefore, there is no chance that these two personality traits can anyway be mixed with each other. Self-love loses all its purity and goodness that day selfishness overpowers it, and it turns into narcissism. So enjoy loving yourself as much as you can, and never let selfishness even come near it, let alone affecting love you have for yourself.

The need of loving yourself

Self-love you can say is the key to a happy and a contented life. After saying this, there is no need to say anything else in favor of self-love because happiness and contentment are two such things that make life heavenly, and a life deficient of these two magical feelings is dreadful. Self-love is a force in life that enables you to give your love to others and receive love from others in life. Unless and until you love yourself, you cannot gain other’s love as well. People only love and appreciate you if you do the same to yourself.

Tips to love yourself without being a narcissist

Self-love is the power that develops self-esteem in a person. If a person loves himself for whatever god has blessed him with, he values his assets and qualities, and appreciates his efforts; he will certainly be the happiest person alive loaded with zeal, enthusiasm, and ideal self-esteem. High self-esteem does not mean that one starts bragging about oneself and think that he is perfect because nobody on this earth is perfect but it is all about accepting your imperfections and putting in all efforts to come over those imperfections. Having a low self-esteem is a major cause of depression and other anxiety disorders in people today.

After-effects of self-love—Stronger and more confident you

The confident you

People around, circumstances or the individual nature of some people makes them feel that they are somehow insignificant and they are meant to please other people. Whatever they feel or think is not valid and what others think is. Other people are important and they are not, such people suffer from inferiority complex and low self-esteem. Without a doubt, the main reason responsible for their inferiority complex is the lack of self-love in their life.

They do not respect and value themselves in the first place, thus, they fail to receive value and appreciation from others as well. The day such people start loving themselves, they can see a sea change in the attitude of other people towards them, and they turn into confident human beings.

The happy you

Thinking about your imperfections and the things you lack take away all the happy moments of your life, leaving you shattered and disheartened. On the other hand, self-love teaches you to accept your imperfections and give you the will power to change yourself and to raise above all the imperfections, thus, making you happy and satisfied with your life conditions. You start loving yourself, valuing your achievements, and you get the extreme motivation to excel in life.

Self-love is not about bragging about oneself but to hold oneself in high regard, to have good opinions about oneself, and to have high self-esteem. A person who loves himself is way happier than the ones who have no self-love, and such people never fall prey to depression.

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