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How to deal with toxic friends


Friendship is a blessing for everybody. Having blessed with good friends is something which everyone should cherish but sometimes some friends do harm you rather than actually being good to you. It is always better to say goodbye to your toxic friends rather than being friends with them and suffer all the time.

The control freak

Friends that have a problem of controlling you in each and every way are called control freaks. They dictate you on each and every term even if it’s what you eat or even wear. These friends tell you where to go, what to do and what not to do. You have to do each and everything the friend’s way else he will feel bad about it. You cannot continue being a puppet at your friend’s hands. The best way of dealing with your control freak friend is by not arguing with them. If your friend continues to be a dictator in your life it’s always better to put an end to your friendship rather than being guided in each and every step.

The stalker

A stalker is a friend who never leaves you alone even when you need some time alone. A stalker will be the first person to like or comment on your facebook status or your tweets. A stalker will keep on messaging you even when you don’t want to hear from him. You get irritated by his continuous messages but cannot do anything to stop his messages and interruption. The stalker actually becomes obsessed with you and gives you the attention that you cannot withstand. The best way to avoid such a friend is to limit your contact with him. It’s always better to limit your talk and replies so that you don’t actually suffocate yourself. You always need your personal time so it’s better to avoid your stalker friend.

The know it all

The know it all friend feels that he has a complete knowledge of each and everything in this world. He feels that he knows all and has a command on everything. He feels that he can give an expert advice on everything and sometimes are very arrogant. The know it all friend feels that he is far more superior and intelligent than you. He is always into an argument with you or with anybody else. The best way to handle this kind of a friend is by agreeing on each and everything he says. It is always better to avoid what he is saying. Being neutral in your conversations is a good option and when you show no signs of interest in his talk he will become dis-interested in you and will began a search of finding a new friend.

The complainant

The complainant has a problem in each and everything in this world. He keeps bothering about everything be it job, family, friend and what not. The complainant is negative about everything in the world and even if you try your level best to cheer your friend up he will always feel upset about non existing issues. These types of friend can harm you because they can even make you feel negative about all the positive things in life. You start feeling that all your efforts are going waste. The best way to avoid such a friend is by neglecting his talks. This type of friend always need attention and can only be handled if the attention is not given to them. Avoid giving neutral replies and do not sympathize with them. Start spending less time with them and do not give a quick response to their calls and messages. Avoid the negativity that the complainant spreads and be positive about life.

The hater

This type of friend is always insecure and jealous of you. This type of friend always tries to put you down in front of everybody and makes you look bad in front of your other friends. The problem with this type of friends is that they do not like your popularity and are very jealous of you. The best way to get rid of these friends is by ignoring them completely. Feel confident about yourself and do not allow the hater to make you look bad in front of everybody. Stop reacting to the haters comments and instead feel good that you are so good that people are jealous of you. Leave the hater alone and make him realize his mistakes.

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