Tips to determine love from the heart’s counterfeit

Counterfeit is a term used for the experiences that may seem real but are in reality insincere or illusions that prevent you from finding real love. Mentioned above are the tips to avoid counterfeits and find real love:

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Trust is the essential element of a relationship. Without the element of trust, the relationship does not survive. True lovers needs trust in their relationship to fully feel the power of love. On the other hand, distrust can remove love from the hearts of the lovers.

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When you fall in love with somebody, you are obliged to protect him/her because you cannot see them hurt. Moreover, you always put the needs of the other person before your own. On the other hand, neglect shows that you do not care for the other person. Neglect and control are the basic elements of counterfeit love.

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You love is incomplete without deeds of kindness which show that you are a kindhearted person. When you are being gentle to your partner, you are actually showing them kindness. On the other hand, rudeness is a part of counterfeit love. If the element of kindness does not exist in your relationship then it is counterfeit love.

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Love is never selfish

Being selfish means putting your needs before the needs of your partner. If you love somebody, you cannot possibly put your needs first. If your partner is selfish then true love does not exist in your relationship rather it is counterfeit love.

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Besides being the lover of your partner, you also perform the duties of a friend. If you love someone, you are fully committed to them. No matter what the circumstances are, you will always be by the side your partner. This element is not present in counterfeit love. The person who turns away from you when you are having a bad time does not love you rather it is counterfeit love.

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Jealousy and envy

When you love someone, you might be jealous from them but you can never envy them. The element of envy only exists in counterfeit love when your partner is faking the feelings he has for you.

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Counterfeit love has the power of controlling, manipulating and changing people. Love is all about endurance because endurance helps people to look beyond their bad habits and allow you to never leave their side.

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