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How to deal with sweaty palms(Version-2)


Sweaty palms can be very embarrassing for many people at many situations. It causes so much inconvenience while doing activities like writing, typing, shaking hands etc. It often causes a low self esteem.

Change your life style

Follow regular exercise routines to control sweating of hands. Do relaxation exercises to relax mind and body. Try keeping your body at normal temperature by remaining indoors during the day time. This will help prevent sweating to some extent as increase in the body temperature can cause nerve stimulation and this will cause excess sweating. Drink lots and lots of water as this will keep your body cool and prevent excessive sweating. Avoid drinking too much of tea, coffee and other beverages. Do not smoke as this cause sweaty palms too. Avoid using creams, lotions, and antiperspirants as all of these are a cause to sweaty palms.


When sweating is too much and no other mode of treatment is useful in controlling it sympathectomy is done. Sympathectomy is performed endoscopically. Hyperhidrosis is due to over active sympathetic chain that is a part of the autonomous nervous system. It controls the sweat gland. In patients with hyperhidrosis, the sweat glands are abnormally active. In order to control this sympathectomy is done. It has about 98% success rate in controlling the sweaty palms.

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