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Start to Finish and Not to Abandon

Start to Finish

Give it All and Do it All

Well begin is half done, is quite a popular saying. There are 2 ways of thinking about it. Either you think of it as leave it half done or you think of it as more than half the work is already over. Obviously, the latter is more appreciated by all and sundry. In fact, it is not a good idea to leave things half done. There is no point in starting off anything if things haven’t been properly done or are not to be completed. Hence, you will need to put in some bit of effort in order to successfully complete any task that you have started off. It will also reflect badly on your productivity if you leave things half done. Hence, make sure that you complete any task that you have started.

Start to Finish

Start a task if and only if you intend to finish it. If you don’t intend to finish a task, do not begin at all. It will be absolute waste of time, effort and energy. If you are willing to do it and give it all your effort, only then, should you begin. Otherwise, there is no point in beginning any task. Not only you but also everyone else involved in the task will begin to regret the effort that has been put in it. Therefore, make sure that you aren’t putting in half the effort and are not leaving something you have started halfway. If you have started it, make it a point that you finish it off.

Accept that You Went Wrong Somewhere Halfway Yes, sometimes finishing off a task is quite a struggle but the struggle s very much worth it. You might be lacking behind in any task but you can always cover it up. A little extra effort can take you closer to your goal. Sometimes, you might not feel motivated enough to complete a task. Why not motivate someone else and in process get motivated yourself as well. Whatever it takes, complete what you have started or you are going to be looked down upon. If you are unsure about things midway, seek opinion of other people and then take your decisions. Leaving it and running away in the middle is a very cowardly thing to do. You have taken it up then; have the strength to finish it off. It might very much be possible that you are doing something wrong and hence, things aren’t going your way. Don’t shy away from accepting your mistakes and correcting them. This will speed up your process and help you finish your task faster. If you don’t accept your folly, it is going to take you ages to finish your task or you might never get to an end. Hence, if you are aiming at completing it, evaluate where you are going wrong and correct it rather than running away from accepting your mistake. Plus, if you don’t have the strength to accept your mistakes, you should never start off the task because there is no way you will be able to complete it.

Aim at Completing it in the Beginning Itself

Businessman Jump   Shying away from your mistake isn’t going to get you anywhere. However, correcting your mistake will take you a long way. Also, make sure you have everything before you begin with the task. You don’t want to stop halfway because of lack of resources. If you find out that you are short on resources, first collect the resources and then begin your task. If you are going to need permissions from higher authorities, get them in advance so that there will be no obstacles in your task later. Right from the beginning, aim for the end. This way you will be able to get there. Of course, you are going to have to face challenges and you have to be ready for them. When going through with any task, you have to be prepared for the best as well as the worst. Hence, set to task with complete preparation on mental, physical and emotional levels. This way you are fully ready to deal with anything and there is less of chance that you will leave your task midway. If you are not good at it, practice first. If you have the authority then, get the best of the employs on your team. Be prepared in each and every way and eliminate all chances of the task being abandoned halfway through. One of the many reasons for failure to complete the task is that one sets their expectations too high. Be realistic. Aim at what you can achieve and don’t go beyond your limits. If you do so, there is barely any chance that you will be completing your project. Thus, at all levels of the project be as realistic as you can.

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