How to deal with a snoring partner

Snoring can be very annoying and especially for those people who have partners, who snore at night. This not only harms your health but also has a negative effect on your relationship with your partner. Therefore, an individual should have an idea of how to deal with a partner who snores as it will be beneficial in dealing with such issues in reality.

Take care of your partner’s health

You may be disturbed and at times irritated by your partner’s snoring, but you may not know the real underlying health issues which leads to this phenomenon. Your partner may be overweight and this may result in snoring. The excess weight puts pressure on the airway resulting in snoring. Accumulation of fats especially around the neck can lead to creation of pressure in this region. This leads to a partial collapse in the region. Making your partner workout regularly can help in shedding of excess weight and allaying the snores which disturbs your sleep. Exercise will help your partner get relief from muscle tension and thereby can sleep without making any unwanted noise. If your partner takes sleeping pills before going to sleep, make sure that he reduces the intake. It has been found that sleeping pills often depress the central nervous system. This leads to a relaxation of the jaw muscles leading to snoring. If your partner is a heavy smoker, reason with him to quit this habit. Smoking constricts the airway and the individual starts snoring.

Roll your partner on their side

It has been found that people snore less while sleeping on their side than with a hand on their chest. Sleeping with a hand on their chest creates pressure on the airway thereby leading to snoring. It will be stressful for your partner if you will make him sleep on his stomach. Therefore, making him sleep on his side is a good option. You can make your partner sleep on their side at the edge of the bed. Most people even during their sleep know that they are at the edge. This prevents them from falling off. You can even put some pillows under his back so that he cannot turn back to the earlier position and disturb your sleep.

Muffle the sound of snoring with earplugs

You can buy earplugs from stores and put them on your ears to stop the sound of snoring from entering your ears. Many people opt for custom shaped earplugs which are available from many audiologists. If you find that it is too late to buy an earplug, you can make one easily at home. These are temporary earplugs and can serve the immediate purpose when the readymade one is not available. While making the earplug, ensure that they are big enough so that it does not get stuck inside the ear canal. Also make a tail so that you can pull the earplug in the morning. For making the earplug, it is better to use a dense material which will not shred when pulled. If you are thinking of using cotton, then it is a bad idea. Cotton shreds easily and does not help in muffling the noise much. Filters from cigarettes can make good earplugs because they are made from a tight foam material. You can even use a small, tightly rolled fabric. If it is too late for making these things, you can cut an old sock or an old t-shirt and roll them up in pieces.

Listen to music with headphones

This may sound weird to many individuals. Though this may look weird at first, it may eventually be a good way to fall asleep. You can listen to a certain type of song during your sleeping time. Initially you will encounter problem as you may be accustomed to sleeping in silence. But when it is time to sleep you can listen to soft numbers to calm your mind and help you fall asleep. Your body will be conditioned to this method and after a few days the moment you will start the song you will be able to fall asleep. This will occur because your body will associate this song with falling asleep.

Take a doctor’s help

There are exercises which help in preventing snoring. Consulting a doctor is good idea as he can suggest methods to allay this problem. One exercise which doctors suggest often is to fake chewing food. You will not eat food in reality, but will act as if you are chewing on something. This helps in releasing the contracted muscles in the throat and jaw region which are the primary reasons for snoring. This exercise loosens the muscles and frees your airway.

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