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How to deal with PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder develops after you experience a traumatic event with your own eyes, that induces sense of helplessness and insecurity in you. Here are some ways to deal with PTSD.

Reach out to your friends and relatives

Post-traumatic stress disorder can isolate you from the people around . You may even be influenced to cut off your social life and remain away from your nears and dears.. But it is very necessary to remain attached to life and the people who are close to you. Emotional backing from your loved ones plays an important role in the recovery process so reach out to your friends and relatives for their help during this testing time.

It is also recommended to join a support group.This makes you feel less isolated, besides motivating you to cope up with this disorder more effectively.

Avoid alcohol and drugs

It very obvious when you are suffering with cyclone of miserable thoughts and traumatic events, you may find the relief in drugs and alcohol. Given that alcohol and drugs may provide the temporary relief and make you feel better, however they make the things worse in the long run. Alcohol in particular causes depression in the long run and you need to drink more and more to get the relief. It also delays the treatment and can be detrimental to your relationships. So avoid alcohol and drugs.

Challenge your sense of helplessness

Getting over your sense of helplessness is important to overcome PTSD. Traumatic events make you feel helpless and miserable. You need to make yourself understand that you have abilities and the capabilities that can get you through these testing times.

The best way to boost your confidence and sense of power is to help people. Taking positive action convinces your subconscious brain and helps you get over this feeling of weakness.

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