How to deal with shock

In today’s humdrum life, when you have almost no time remaining to analyse yourselves at the end of the day, shocks are pretty common visitors to every individual. Small, big, major, minor, you are faced with situations in life that are described as shocks. Let us take a look at some of the ways to deal with them.

Be a bit of an extrovert and speak out

Many a times, it so happens that people get entangled so much in situations; that it really becomes difficult for them to concentrate on the other parameters of life. And bound by the very human nature to find ways out, they keep tormenting themselves in the run to find out a solution. A better way would be to let people know about the situation you are in. Involve your peers, your family, your friends and your dear ones in the reason for your anxiety. They would find ways out for you.

Involve yourself in activities that you like to do

Remember, when there are reasons due to which you get upset, there are several other reasons to smile in your lives. There are things which you all love to do. Practising these things is a recommended technique to come out of traumas and shocks. Some of us love to write, some others love to paint, and still others are interested in rendering selfless services to the society. The best way to come out of one situation is to intrigue a series of positive situations in your life. This can be done by losing yourself in something that is just after your heart.

Meditation can be a wonderful way out

Easier said than done, of course! But meditation is actually a healing ointment for a wounded soul. Close your eyes and sit with just yourself for sometime. Initially, it might seem to be an extremely bad idea. You would find yourself getting surrounded by the same daunting thoughts. But don’t stop! Continuous and determined practice is sure to sway you away from all such negativities. Sometime later, you would find your own mind creating positive vibrations for yourself.

Running away is no solution, acceptance is the way out

We all tend to escape situations, negate frightening facts and manipulate situations to present them in a different manner to our own selves. The result is that we complicate things and make them go worse. People, who are not extremely strong at their hearts, face difficulty in handling these complications and fall prey to psychological disorders. The best path out is not refusal, but acceptance. When we accept a certain situation, our brain prepares itself to confront it head on and starts to analyse the solutions to it. But what if we don’t accept it at all? For the human brain, there can be no solution unless there is a problem. It is our duty to tell ourselves that there is a problem and start looking for ways out.

Be a fatalist

They say, time is the best healer. It is as true a fact as death itself. It has been scientifically proven that our brain tends to throw incidents that are bad, out of the memory basket. Give time to yourself, it would put everything at its destined place.

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