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Too much texting can harm your relationship

texting can harm your relationship

Texting feels good when it is with friends, but when it comes to the one we love then too much texting may not be the right way to go. It makes dating difficult, as texting is a major source of frustration and dissatisfaction in both men and women who are in long-term relationships. The reason behind is the emotionless nature of the texts. All of us, especially women, like it when their men call them up rather than just exchanging texts.

The emotions that we convey and receive through a telephonic conversation are in no way like texts. Texts are plain massages with no such emotions that can make a person feel loved. Calling your partner shows the intensity of your love, focus, thought, and emotions for them. On the other hand, texting is just the easy way out to communicate with your partner.

A recent study conducted by researchers at the Brigham Young University found that heavy texting is associated with the feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration that comes in people who are in long-term serious relationships. The researchers took a sample of 276 adults between the age group 18-25, and studied their texting habits. Out of the 276 adults, 38 percent were in serious long-term relationship, 16 percent were married, and another 46 percent were casually dating. The researchers gave all these adults questionnaires to fill that was regarding the role of technology in their love life.

The researchers found out that texting to apologise, to make decisions, or to settle disagreements, is a lower relationship quality for women. On the other hand, men find too much of texting to be something that signifies a lower quality relationship. Although women and men both differ in their opinions regarding the texting culture in love relationships, but what is similar in both is the dissatisfaction. No matter on what grounds, but both men and women find the texting culture to be dissatisfying.

Around 82 percent couples said that they did multiple texting to their lovers, and there is nothing wrong with texting. One can always show their affection and care through texts. However, the problem sets in when couple use texting as a measure to solve major issues like fights and disagreements. When couples start using texting, as a way to maintain their relationship with each other instead of making calls, it creates a problem.

You cannot have serious conversations that mean a lot to your relationship over texts. You need face-to-face talks or telephonic conversations to solve major issues. Moreover, the texting culture is not adept at conveying true emotions to the one you want to. They lack the emotional connection. People in long-term relationships definitely value phone calls more than texts, as a voice over a phone makes them feel much closer to their beloved, which is in contrast to a text. It feels much comforting to hear someone say – I Love You, than to read it on a text.

It can be concluded that too much texting is bad if couple use it to solve major issues like disagreements and fights over texts, but there is nothing wrong with texting if you use it to show your affection and care but not at the cost of calls. Too much of everything is bad, now be it texts or calls. All you need to learn is to maintain a healthy balance between both and give each other the required space to lead happy lives.

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