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Be yourself: How to maintain individuality with inspiration

Be yourself

We seek out inspiration in life from role models who have achieved in life, the doers. But it is equally important to be yourself and to hold on to your own individuality instead of copying things which other people did previously in their lives.

How to maintain individuality with inspiration


In life it is very important that we find role models who have broken the shackles of their mundane lives and sought to bring about a change in their lives as well as others, a change for the betterment of society itself. These great souls, noblemen and leaders have reached the pinnacles of success in their respective fields despite a lot of trouble on their journeys but nevertheless carried forward their pursuits.

Feel free to be inspired

Feel free to be inspired

It is only wanting of us to follow the footsteps of great achievers and leaders for they have truly struggled and reached the pinnacles of success due to their sheer hard work and determination. They never gave up and their stories offer light and hope to many souls on the darkest of days. But the following someone blindly and incorporating whatever they did might result in a failure of your pursuits and a definite loss of your identity. To avoid this and at the same time to keep yourself motivated here are 5 steps that would help you to truly be yourself.

  1. Keep a safe distance

    Narayan Murthy

    Image Source : akm-img-a-in.tosshub.com/indiatoday

    There are so many type of leaders we find in our lives. And when you compare and study their life, you will find one thing in common to all of them -they are all different from each other. Yearning to be someone else through and through never works out good. You are different and that is what it takes aside from other things to be yourself and to succeed at what you do. You will find dynamic micro-managers like Steve Jobs, you will find humanitarian leaders like Narayan Murthy and you will find tough guys like Jack Welch. They all maintained their individuality and then inspired millions.

  2. Focus on skills that make you different
    remain focused

    You can only be yourself, wanting to be someone else is a waste of your own skills and talents. All of the leaders that we look up to every day of our lives are all individuals who had their own style of doing things and had different skill-sets which they honed for many years. None of them reached success overnight. You have your own set of skills, talents, and capabilities. If you keep them dormant in you and instead strive to achieve skills which other people have, then you will just be a half-baked version of yourself, and the person you are trying to imbibe. That would be such a failure then because the skills which you have in the first place, due to the years of lying dormant, will not be there anymore.

  3. Let go of perfectionism

    Always remember that it is impossible for a human being to be perfect, only deities and Gods can do that. You can only be yourself. Do follow the footsteps of your role models but at the same time keep in mind that they have all reached there after making their own share of mistakes. You can follow what they did but how can you possibly follow their mistakes? Without the mistakes and wrong decisions they took, they would have never sprung up on their feet and brought about a change. The mistakes played an integral part in their lives in achieving their destination.

  4. Maintain your uniqueness


    All of us have a uniqueness in our personalities.  While some of us are gregarious and outgoing, some of us are shy introverts who do not prefer being out front much and quietly go about doing our business. The previous section makes for great people with excellent communication skills an the latter for artistic work which involves contributing a lot towards the success of the organization. All in all, both these sections are important for the running of the organization in complete harmony.

    Learn to welcome whichever personality trademark you have and give in your best. You have your unique abilities and they are second to no one else. Contribute what you can work on your forte. All our role models have certainly followed this step. Like us, they also looked up to other great later but still maintained their own unique personality. So follow them, but at the same time be yourself.

  5. Learn and unlearn lessons

    The key to choosing the right model and also going about it the right way is to learn lessons from them instead of just liking their stories and wanting to be them. When you choose a role model look for qualities. Choose a person who has a sense of purpose, who is dynamic and has set force to motion in people, who are kind and giving. When you want to follow a person as a role model it is mostly certain qualities that you like in them. Take note of them and incorporate them into your lives, while still maintaining your individuality.

    Moreover, it is also important to let go of the toxic influences that might be draining your energy. Keep your eyes on your goal, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Though learning from the mistakes of others might help you a little bit, but it is your own unique mistakes that would give you the greatest of lessons. Be yourself. Your life is original and unique, so live it that way.

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