Love and Real Life

How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as love?

These are the words of famous physicist Albert Einstein. What is love? For ages human beings have been trying to explain love but in vain. Love is the eternal truth of humanity and all our life revolves around this one emotion. It is love that sustains life. People spend all their life searching for love but they seldom realize that it’s within them. There can be no life without love.

A person is born with the emotion of love within him and eventually spends his whole life with it. Love is not experienced by many people because of the conditions they attach to it. It is only when we will love our self; we will realize the abundance of love inside our hearts. The best virtue of love is to accept. As soon as we are born we accept ourselves and that is the first act of love. Then we learn to accept are parents, our siblings, and friends and so on. Love cannot be explained in few words because it is something to be felt.

People generally confuse love to the attraction towards opposite sex. Whereas in real love has a much deeper meaning. Love can be for anyone and anything. It is a pure unconditional attraction. Our care and concern for our parents and siblings is also an expression of love. People who have pets are so attached to them that they became a very important part of their family which is also love. We like to spend more time with certain people as compared to other because their presence around us makes us happy, even this is because of love.

To understand love is to understand life. In movies we see people loving one another and being passionate, but love has a whole other level of understanding. It is not only three words we say to our partner before bedtime but all that we share. In real life we care for our partner, small compromises we make for each others happiness, the dreams we share with them, we accept one another just the way we are, all this is because of love. The most beautiful thing about true love is that it just doesn’t fill our heart but also overflows into our body and soul.

Love is a very powerful emotion. Experience of love and compassion can drive away all sadness of life. No matter how worse the situation is, we can overcome it with love. It is the ultimate route to happiness. People with love and kindness in their heart lead a happy and fulfilling life. It is the feeling of love towards one another which makes our life worth living. Love is the biggest motivation and can make us do things otherwise we would not It is the experience of love in our heart that makes us feel complete.

Many people think that love in real life is difficult to find, and they spend there whole life searching for love without realizing that it is within us. Love is a give and take phenomena and when we set your love and compassion free we will experience love. The more we love everyone around us, the more love will come back to us and make our life beautiful. As a Sufi poet once said.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

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