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Looks are deceiving: the poor friend who had lost everything  

legal documents

“We studied in the same school. I mean we were friends back then,” Robin told his wife who was staring at him constantly.

It was around four on a Sunday afternoon when family was having tea that someone knocked on the door. When Robin went to unbolt the door, he could hardly recognize who it was and said, “We don’t want to buy anything,” as he saw the middle-aged man who had rung the bell. Robin would not have told the same thing if it was someone rich or famous.


The middle-aged man who rang the bell had a big smile on his face. His name was Sherman who used to be Robin’s best friend in school. As soon as Robin finished his school, his family moved to a big city and never went back to the small town again.

Sherman was happy to see his friend who doesn’t even recognize him. Sherman had gone through so much in his life. His wife had died in a car accident and son who used to live abroad had never bothered to come back. His face was full of wrinkles and grey hair made him look twice Robin’s age. Robin’s wife made sure he color his hair and stay in shape. “It is a status symbol. Anything and everything to look fit,” she once said when her friend asked her about their diet routine.

“It’s me Sherman. What a shame, you don’t recognize your best friend. Step aside let me come,” Sherman said as he went inside the house.

Robin did not take another moment to recognize him and gave him a smile. He was worried about the reaction of his wife who was in another room. Sherman looked shabby, no doubt.

Robin took hold of his feelings and said, “How come you are here after so many years. How did you find me? How’s is everything?”

Sherman sighed and said, “It is a long story. As far as I am concerned, I do not have anything with me except memories. I have a son who lives abroad. I will tell you everything but let me first meet your family.”

 sweet daughter

Robin’s wife heard his talking and came there. Robin introduced her to Sherman who was happy to see her. Robin had a beautiful daughter who was nine who loved Sherman as he gave her a lot of candies and sweets. Her mother usually did not allow her to have more than one as she said it was bad for her teeth.

Sherman told Robin that he would stay at his house for few days, as he knew no one in the city. Robin’s wife was not happy to hear that.

At around ten o’clock at night when Sherman was sleeping in the next room, Robin’s wife who was annoyed to have a poor guest told him, “I want this man out of my house tomorrow, first thing in the morning. Did you look at him? He looks like a beggar who somehow found out about a rich friend and came to rob him of his wealth.”

“He is not poor. His son lives abroad. He is my friend,” Robin told his wife.

“He lied just to impress you. Everything he has told you is a lie,” Robin’s wife said at the top of her voice.

Sherman who had come out of his room to get water bottle from the refrigerator overheard them.

 legal documents

The next morning when they got up Sherman was not there in the house. He had left a note along with legal documents of some land. The note said, “My dear friend. I am leaving as I have to go abroad to visit my son. I had bought some land here in the city when I heard you live here.  I thought I would live with you but now I have changed my plans. Now I do not need it. Good bye.”

“What is it dad,” Robin’s daughter asked him.

Robin and his wife who were shocked to read that note had nothing to tell her.

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