It takes a smart teacher to tame over smart students

Raymond and Jacob always made an excuse to skip their exams. Once they made a plan to go to a club on New Year’s Eve though they were fully aware that they had an important exam the next day. They got drunk and danced all night long. When they came back to the hostel the next morning, it was already ten o’clock. They got ready and rushed towards their college. On the way, Raymond asked Jacob, “Do you have a plan to skip the exam? I mean we have not studied anything and if we do not perform well in the exams, the college authorities would inform our parents.”

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“Don’t worry, I do have a plan,” Jacob said.

Raymond looked at his friends and asked, “What is the plan Jacob? I hope it is a good one since I cannot afford to take a risk.”

“Don’t you worry, it’s a good one. We would get our clothes muddy and tell our teacher that we had gone to attend a marriage ceremony yesterday. Unfortunately, our car broke down and we came back pushing the car all the way back to college and we are in no condition to take the exam,” Jacob explained as he arranged his hair.

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“Superb Jacob, I never knew that you could come up with such a brilliant idea. It will save us from taking that exam and they would even sympathize with us,” Raymond said as he gave Jacob a pat on the back.

The moment they entered the classroom the teacher asked them, “I had told both of your very clearly that you must come right on time. You have an important exam today. What happened? And why are you wearing those muddy clothes?”

Raymond put on a sad face and said, “Sir, my sister got married yesterday so both of us had gone there to attend the marriage ceremony. When we were coming back, our car broke down and we literally pushed the car to get back to hostel. We are really tried and would not be able to take our exams today.”

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“What happened to the car?” the teacher asked.

“Sir, actually the tyre got burst,” Jacob answered.

The teacher had a good look at them from tip to toe and said, “It is all right. You can take your exam after three days. You must go back to the hostel and take a bath.”

Both friends were happy as they thought they had succeeded in their plan.

Three days later, when the teacher came to the classroom, he said, “Raymond and Jacob, you have your exam today. Take your question papers and sit in different classrooms.”

Raymond and Jacob were stunned when they had a look on their questions papers.

It said, “Instructions: As you said you went to attend a marriage ceremony that day, please answers the following questions.

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What were the names of bride and groom? What was the model of the car? Which tyre got burst? Who was driving? Whose idea was it to tell a lie?”

The teacher thought of a smart plan to teach a lesson to his students.

You have to keep a backup plan ready when you lie. On the contrary, the people who tell the truth are never worried about anything. Moreover, it is always good to live your life by certain values as it gives you the greatness of the character.

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