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Forgiveness- The Art of Giving

Asking for forgiveness is one of the hardest things, which a person has to face who has committed any mistake. However, one should keep in mind that, a person who has a clear heart and is brave would only be able to ask for forgiveness. Although it is something, which is the hardest of all, but it should be done first during a time of crisis which has been created because of the faults, which you have done intentionally or unintentionally. Admitting to your faults is the first thing which rather the step that you can take into use for making a fresh start. Along with asking for forgiveness from others, it is important to seek exculpation from yourself.

Steps for seeking forgiveness from others

It is important to know about the steps and methods that are important while you seek forgiveness from others. Below mentioned are some steps and methods that you can take into practice when seeking exoneration.

Thinking about the faults: One of the important steps that you have to take is to think about the mistake, which you have committed. This will make you realize how much a person is hurt by your act. Thinking about the fault, which you have done, will help you in not repeating the same act again.

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Write down– Sometime written words are more important than saying them. If you are unable to face the person from whom you seek forgiveness, then you can write it down on a paper. This way, you will be able to flow the feelings from your heart in the paper, which the person from whom you want forgiveness will understand. Another aspect, which you can cover by writing down your sorry statement, is that, you can feel confident while saying it and you will be able to cover all the points, which you want to express.

Honestly, admit your mistake:  When the person is ready to listen to what you want to say, they are expecting the truth. It is important that while seeking for forgiveness, you say the truth and admit to your mistake. It can be hard, but you will be able to start afresh. Start by saying that you have done wrong; this way you can conclude achieving clemency.

Be polite: Keeping a hot head while asking for forgiveness will not work. It is important that you speak softly and gently as it depicts that you have understood your mistake and is genuinely seeking absolution. Keeping your cool will even help in cooling your partner down as it is obvious that they are mad on you and your fault.

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Share your feelings: It is important to have a healthy relation with every person in your life. If you have hurt someone because of the fault that you have committed, then it is important that you share your feeling with him or her so that the person is able to understand the situation because of which you did the mistake. This would be easy when you seek forgiveness.

Compensate the mistake: If you have done something big and bad, then compensating might work on a positive note. It is true that compensating cannot bring back what has happened, but it can surely ease the pressure.

What has to be done while seeking forgiveness from yourself

Communication is always the key to success. However, it is important to communicate with yourself sometime or the other. Communicating is important in situations when you have committed a mistake. This way, you will never repeat the same gaffe again. As you are a human, you are tending to make mistakes, but it does not mean that life stops. You can make a fresh start of your life by learning from your mistakes. Below mentioned are some steps, which a person must follow to recover from the mistakes.

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Realizing the mistake– If you were able to realize your mistake, then it would be easy for you to recover from them. Having the realization that you have done a mistake will help you in not repeating the error again. In addition, when you ask for forgiveness from yourself and the person who is hurt because of you, you will feel light at heart.

Forgive yourself: Even when a person is able to attain forgiveness from others, they are unable to have the peace of mind. The reason behind this is that, you are unable to forgive yourself. If you are able to forgive yourself, then you can make a fresh start of your life by taking new goals and objectives. Forgiving yourself will give you a realization that, you will not be committing the same mistake again.

Start from the scratch: If by your mistake, you have created blunder in your work, then it is important that you start afresh. Starting new or starting from scratch will give you the chance to improve upon the different aspect of life. In addition, you can have the experience, which you have gained from the mistake so that you do not repeat the same error.

Do not get into seclusion: Always remember a fact that, getting into isolation when you have done a mistake will not help you anymore, but it will result as guilt that can spoil everything. It would be better that, you seek assistance and advice from your family and friends who are close to you. This way, you will be able to understand the mistake that you have done and will be able to find a new path after seeking forgiveness from others and from yourself.

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Enjoy your life: Committing mistake is not the end of life. It is an experience, which can make you stronger in taking decisions. However, if you have hurt the feelings of someone then you should immediately seek forgiveness from them as well as yourself. Enjoy the life, which you have attained, and every small aspect that you have in your life. This way, there will be less chance of doing any mistake.


The final verdict

Forgiving a person or seeking forgiveness can always be gut wrenching once you take your self-centered method and expect items to happen in your time. However, once you are done, it will help you in taking the decisions of your life in a proper and caution manner.



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