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Is dependence always a sign of weakness?


Everything that begins, somewhat initial, platters to the mind as a wholesome experience sometimes good or even worse unless and until it stares and scares to death. Most profoundly, what makes weak or strong lies very much in our hand, however, there was, is and will be an “Eternal power “beyond substantial thoughts and unimaginable wisdom. As they say, “Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal “quoted by Thomas Moore.

Too many questions to ask and to be answered by no one else by one self if not detrimental to the cause as to analyze that “in a simple piece of bread lies the chunk of goodness if ate with a self image to heal to feel alive rather than disconcerted with negative thoughts to peel off the truth and aboard weakness”. In simple and literary terms, “What is dependence? – The state of being dependent, as for support but is it absolute or relative. To simply, self- dependence always heals not dependence on others, however, it peels off your mind for sure if dependency is actually considered as an acceptance towards the goodness of life or what it has offered and will till Eternity.


Self-dependency is a like a drug, foremost of reality, always simplifies the creator’s creativity to help and succeed rather than the unsuitably of the drugs offered by mankind to each other in the form of emotional weakness not to make life easier but to underestimate one’s own potential to live a life of self-discovery. As quoted – “there is no dependence that can be sure except dependence on one self”

Dependence on Others

As a sign of weakness, dependency on others can be brutal if lacked self-dependency to help one self and others. To be precise, the foremost truth lies in the fact that fulfill the eternal wish of dependency on others is to acknowledge the soul aspect. Substantially, dependence on others is not always a sign of weakness; however, it’s the level of dependence that separates an achiever and an under-achiever – “one can’t climb the ladder of success with hands in their pockets” from a legend – Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger.

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 Aspects of Life

In every aspect of life, there is a challenge, sometimes to learn to succeed beyond everyone or pressure to enhance skills, however, the real fight lies to organize one self to optimize for understanding the inherent potential as well as quantify to wellness in every aspect but also to intensify the means of human nature, dependency on others is as wholesome as self-dependency. Life’s most urgent question is – “what are you doing for others” to be oneself.

Practical Withstanding

To live a wholesome and a vibrant life, one would always require and need assistance of those people who are certified, considerably framed as specialists or experts in their field of subjects as par excellence for the human mind to serve mankind for deliverance in each and every aspect of life. Vivid examples –

In case of health, being conscious of one self to health needs from daily care to long term life plans for food, sleep, physicality etc. We always in of need assistance like doctors, health practitioners, nutritionists etc but assurance is what always look for in calamity.

We never realize the known fact and observed reality that “prevention has always been the requirement of the hour as an ounce of it is better than a pound of cure” for a requisite livelihood but need to followed and applied pre-requisitely for the end to end means. Every specialist or expert in their respective fields gracefully has to offer some knowledge to help and practically upheld the societal needs, however, dependence is there just to acknowledge not to be part of it forever to refrain from the responsibility, we are required to offer to ourselves for self-esteem and wellness to write-off weakness from our daily lives till death to stand apart without any contention of mind – “as mind is not a vessel to filled but a fire to be kindled”.

Spiritual Means

In light for quest, every dilemma that leads to weakness, somewhat, has a spiritual pro forma to it or in simple words as to reason for the unknown. In its literal meaning, spirituality refers or exuberates to an ultimate, defining or an alleged pure immaterial reality;a mighty inner path enabling a human or person to discover or find that essence of his/her being or foremost livelihood for the “deepest meanings and values by which people lived ,should live and as required.”Spiritual practices, including contemplation, meditation and prayer, are intended with, to enhance or develop an individual’s inner life to overcome shell life or weaknesses of every sort for enlightenment. Spiritual experience includes that of link or connectedness with a mightier and larger reality, yielding a better refined and defined comprehensive self letting go of the weaknesses that lead to emotional weakness or mere dependence lacking self-belief. Spirituality is usually understood or experienced as a vital source of inspiration or fruitful orientation in one’s life.

For a better insight – “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

Emotional Wellbeing

Astonishingly, “truth has always been stranger than fiction” especially for an emotionally wellbeing person that leads to Emotional intelligence rather the abjuring emotional weakness. EI (Emotional intelligence), an ability of a human being in normal life to withstand challenges and weaknesses simply by identifying, assessing, and controlling the emotions of oneself, others and groups circumstantially.

Human Mind

“When mind is weak, situation is a problem, when mind is balanced; situation is a challenge and when mind is strong, situation becomes opportunity”

Aid for Life 

Self-dependency does not enchants both sides of the coin, relativity to others or dependency is also important as to grow character not to lose dignity, for such one can learn to observe to help oneself, at the same time, others and gratify the soul by humility for harmony towards humanity to achieve selflessness as “character is a victory not a gift”

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