How to deal with autism

Dealing with autism and raising an autistic child could be really difficult. There could be many days which would take away your entire power to keep up with such conditions. Here are some tips to help you deal with autism.

Be consistent

Everyone, a kid or grown up, requires and demands consistency to expand and discover. However, this feature is more remarkable in autistic people, especially children. Therefore, you should prepare a daily routine and schedule which should be followed religiously with proper accuracy and appropriateness. Always remain consistent with the verbal directions you follow with autistic people on a daily basis. There are times when such people do not react or hear as they would have been doing formerly, but there’s no need to worry as you can always repeat the steps politely and teach them to follow the same slowly and steadily. Never try to be angry with them and do not shout while dictating the points to be followed. This would always worsen the situation and lead to negative feelings in such people. Be a ray of hope to them and help them at every step they follow.


Always try to decrease the choas

This is really important as autistic people can’t really deal and manage with confusing and chaotic situations. Allow them to handle a single task at one point of time and never add confusions while they are doing something as it would provide negative results during their learning phase. If you want them to have their meals, always ensure that the things close to them are meal oriented and have nothing to do with other jobs or work. This would make the work less difficult for them and would increase their focus, finally leading to better and positive results. Once they achieve success in performing one task efficiently, it would naturally increase their confidence and self-esteem as well as your belief in providing proper guidelines to them. You need to understand that such people need extreme love, care, and affection which would provide them a reason to live happily and improve fast.

Take corrective measures for damaging behaviors

In case of autistic people, a behavior which would definitely be harmful for the person himself/herself and the corrective measures to improve his/her fitness need to be taken care of immediately before it becomes too late or difficult to handle them. Their behaviors definitely affect their mindset and this effect is really a long-term one especially when the behavior is continued in the same manner on a daily basis. Make absolute efforts to teach them the harmful results of certain behavioral traits and do it on a daily basis until they leave and forget that behavior forever. This would not only save them, but improve their power of understanding and listening carefully.

Always remember that aggravation leads to meltdowns

Irritation and frustration can be the most harmful and demotivating factor for autistic people. Every time you happen to see or feel that such a person is irritated or gets frustrated over something, try to avoid the situation rather handle in such a tactful manner that the person’s attention shifts from that irritating factor to something worthwhile for him/her. Always ensure that such people are kept far away from the things which tend to irate them and change their moods and behaviors instantly. Mood swings due to such factors in autistic people can result into more mental pressures and depression which is really difficult to handle while dealing with autism. The most effective way to decrease the meltdowns would be to keep such people jolly by introducing things which suit their behaviors and liking and are really beneficial for their future improvement.

Take ample time for them

This factor is truly very important while raising and improving an autistic person. You should always give them a feeling that they are as important as everyone around you and you have ample time for listening, playing, and caring for them. Make them realize that they are important and a wonderful part of your life. Love, care, concern, and affection act more quickly in improving such people than any other thing. Never let them feel lonely and dejected. Always respect their feelings, demands, and concerns; no matter how least important they are for you. Love always begets love and in such cases improvements as well as positive signs are seen rather more quickly.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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