How to deal with vomiting

Nausea or the uneasiness in the stomach leading to an urge to vomit is one of the most common medical problems in the world. Nausea per se is not a disease but is a leading indicator to many underlying issues or diseases leading to nausea. Nausea can be because of motion sickness, pregnancy or possible side effect of medication amid many others. No matter what is the underlying factor, nausea must never be ignored and needs to be taken care of immediately.

Avoid Heavy Foods:

While maintaining a balanced diet is one the keys to good health, heavy foods are best avoided when feeling a bout of Nausea. Although foods are the best nutrients that our body can absorb naturally, smell, taste and even sight of certain foods can trigger nausea in a lot of people. Try to avoid cooking while feeling a bout of Nausea and stick to bland food like cracker bars, bananas and liquids such as soups. Always remember to hydrate your body with liquids like water, soups and fresh juices to avoid any dehydration problems. Sipping on liquids in small intervals and having small frequent meals instead of three large meals go a long way in treating food related nausea.

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Get a Breath of Fresh Air:

Going to office or work is not recommended for people suffering with Nausea. Although staying indoors is advised, the feel of some fresh air can help cure the uneasiness feeling accompanied by Nausea. Lying down in a well ventilated room can be considered if feeling weak and jittery.
Try Anti Nausea Medication:

For people suffering with chronic Nausea, dietary and lifestyle changes may not be sufficient to defeat Nausea and considering some anti Nausea drugs is advised. While most anti Nausea drugs may erase the Nausea they may have potential side effects for your system so always take the advice of a doctor or a Medical Practitioner before considering any anti nausea medication.

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