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How to deal with a hangover

deal with a hangover

There is nothing worse than getting up in the morning with a pounding head ache and nausea. All you want, is to get rid of that awful feeling as soon as possible. Here are some quick tips to deal with a hangover.

What to do before

The first step in dealing with a hangover is to remember what to do before you go out partying with your friends. Never drink on an empty stomach. Eat food rich in carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread and brown rice. Maintain your fluid intake and keep drinking water throughout the night. This is because alcohol is a diuretic and tends to push fluids out of your body. Also make sure that you keep eating snacks in between your drinks. Stick to one type of drink; mixing two or three alcohols is not advisable and can give you a worse hangover. Taking some vitamin B supplements will also help minimize the chances of a hangover.


If you have such a terrible hangover that you can’t even get up from the bed, don’t try to. Sleep it off and you will hopefully wake up fresher, once the hangover has subsided. However, going back to sleep in such a state is also difficult. Put on some soft music to help you go back to sleep. Puking is also a great hangover remedy. Although it might not make you feel better instantly, puking will get rid of that awful feeling temporarily and help you sleep better. If you have a friend around who thankfully does not have a hangover, ask him/her to give you a scalp massage and you will find yourself sleeping in no time at all. After a couple of hours of good sleep your hangover is likely to have gone completely or at least subsided to a manageable level.


Your hangover remedy might just be a few blocks away at your local drugstore. If you feel like it, go yourself or else ask your friend to get some painkillers for you. However, be careful to read the labels on the medicines correctly. Antacids will help relieve the nausea and the upset stomach. Anti inflammatory medicines such as Anacin might help in curing the headache and general body ache. However, there are some anti inflammatory medicines that can make gastro discomforts worse. Stay away from Acetaminophen, a common alternative to Anacin, as it can disrupt liver function. It is found mostly in Tylenol and other painkillers. So, read the labels on the medicines very carefully, and if in doubt, always ask a medical expert.

Do other activities

Take a shower to cure your hangover. A very hot or a very cold shower will give your body that sudden jolt and wake you up. It will also induce quicker production of adrenaline, which will help in dealing with your hangover better. A shower will also relieve you from the headache and body ache. If you feel a little better after the shower, but still feel the hangover, then go for a swim. When you are inside the pool, the water surrounding your entire body will help you get rid of the hangover symptoms much quickly. After a swim, your hangover will either be completely gone or at least reduced to a large extent. Engage in some exercise that will get your body to start sweating. Sweat will expel all harmful substances in your body and help you get over the hangover. Also, urinating will have the same effect.

Home remedies

Drink large quantities of water. Alcohol flushes out fluids from your body and therefore you must replenish the fluid loss. If you feel like eating, grab a banana as it full of potassium, which is great for hangovers. Snack on bland food such as dry toast and crackers as these will raise blood sugar levels and help with nausea. Hot and spicy food is also known to cure hangovers as it induces sweating and helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Mixing some baking soda with water and drinking it will also help cure nausea. Drinking strong coffee and tea will help with the throbbing headache. Eating honey will speed up the process of breaking down alcohol and discharging it from the body.

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