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How to deal with emotional people

Emotion is a portion of human system

Emotion is a portion of human system. It is very normal to be emotional or sensitive about something or someone. However, the emotional quotient gets imbalanced sometimes and result in irrational effects on the person’s life and of others around him. Let us read on to learn how to deal with emotional people.

Give enough space and try to understand them

Do your best to give space to them and understand them, even when it turns out to be quite challenging. It becomes quite thoughtful of you to control the conversation by hearing them completely, rather than reacting to the little that they share or by interrupting the conversation with your suggestions. The objective of the emotional person is ultimately to have someone who can understand them and listen to them. Get some time and assure them that you are available to listen to them and know what is upsetting them. Most of all, try not to rebuke them or put them down by rejecting their story.

Know your limits and keep to it

Most often, emotional people try to drag you in their problems and expect you to be on their stride for good or bad reasons. Hence, empathizing with such people is a nice thing to do, however, solely sympathizing with them can draw you in the same pool of emotions that the other person is in. You can offer your help and assistance to emotional people, only if you are better in dealing with them yourself. You need to analyze the problem with them, and help with best possible solution, instead of behaving in a similar sentimental manner. Therefore, it would be wise to understand the situation and set a limit for yourself to deal with such people.


Being watchful and choosing to listen to your inner voice

Gut feelings are sometimes good to adhere to. Listen to your inner voice when it prompts you to stay away from emotional people or even from a situation that seeks your attention perhaps. Be sensitive to the sensation. When you sense something is not right, do not ignore that sensation. It might protect you from such type of people. Sometimes, it is just the time that speaks to people and not words. Amidst the many clutters of voices that you hear in this world, there could be that still small voice within you, trying to grab your attention towards that which is good and excellent to deal with. Just do as it says.

Try to pitch in positivity and pleasant responses

Try to pump in positive energy as much as possible in to the emotional person. Speak positive words. Share life changing stories or facts. To be positive with yourself means to energize or uplift the active and positive cells in another person as well. Howbeit, it could be a little harder to achieve positivity in the pool of many emotions. Even so, it would be great to share grace with those who are emotionally challenged, by being pleasant in your responses to their distress. Some responses that have positively helped in many relationships and conversations are, “I know that sometimes you may feel that nobody understands your pain” or “I guess you feel left out” or “I see where you are coming from“.

Just move as much as you can

Just move as much as you can while communicating or while hearing the person. Involve them in some activity or the other to get rid of passivity that irritates them. Any physical activity may help divert focus or attention that they’re already engrossed in. Some of the alternate acts to control or deal with emotional imbalances could be dancing, eating, walking, chatting or even sports and so on. Other ways of diverting your focus could be to look at fishes in the aquarium or watch the birds in the open air or take time off to enjoy the nature’s scenic beauty or by having a stroll or listening to music that brings comfort and life into you. Do something that brings them out of their distress.

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