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Live a Happy Life: How to Master The Art of Living Happily?

The art of living a happy life lies inside you

Living life is art. Life gives you hope when you feel shattered but sometimes turns your dreams into nightmares. The realities of life are strange.  However, come what may, life goes on and the best way to live life is to keep renewing it.

What Happiness and Misery Really Mean?

“The happiness we always keep looking for lies within us,” but most of us do not take this phrase in the literal sense. Happiness and misery are a state of mind. It comes from within. For some, happiness is fulfillment and misery is scarcity. Few people think that our achievements bestow happiness and our failures add misery in life. Many think that happiness exists when we are experiencing good events and misery exists when there are bad events around us. Fear is another face of misery and in the same way, good luck is related to happiness. All these examples illustrate that our happiness and misery depend on our reaction, not on the circumstance.


1. Your Attitude Matters A Lot

Basically, it is an attitude of a person to react in an environment of causes. Some go by cause and effect theory; some by error and trial method but whatsoever it is if the attitude of the person remains positive he learns the theory of being happy. We don’t know what is destined to us but it is for sure that if we are determined and take responsibility for our actions, be positive then, we would be in a better position to deal situation in every manner.


2. Happiness and Misery are Complementary

In other opinion Happiness or misery is the two faces of a coin. We can feel happy because of misery. If there were no misery, we would not realize what true happiness is. These two are opposite to each other. But one’s value depends on others. If there would not be darkness, we can’t feel the importance of light.


3. You Reap What You Sow

Actually, we escape from the truth that whatever we sow we cut it later. We find peace if we bestow peace in society; we can become rich if we invest our thoughts and hard-work in our life; we would be awarded life sentences if we involved ourselves in the killing. So, this is up to us how we make our life beautiful, peaceful, and a life full of happiness.


4. It’s All About the Vibrations

When we are positive-minded with a positive attitude then we are successful to generate positive vibrations from us. These vibrations affect not only that person, but also to the surroundings. Similarly, the negative vibration of a person doesn’t only harm that person but also to the surroundings. So, we have to be positive and responsible in life and react to the situation accordingly.


5. That’s Life

Lastly, we come to the conclusion that our responses to the situation form happiness or misery in our life. In most of the situation, we can manage our variation of thought and we should take it as a part of learning. Good and bad events come in our life consecutively. Some moments give a chance for our turn and some not; some situations we can handle and some not; some events we can escape and some not but life goes on without caring for our happiness or misery.


Vague Ideas of Happiness You Shouldn’t Believe in

The definition of happiness can be different for different human beings. What makes you happy may not be the idea of happiness for other people. Most people have a vague idea of being happy and content. They look for happiness in things that can only give them momentary happiness, which fades away within a blink of an eye.

1. A job that doesn’t make you happy

If your job makes you feel less important or low, then it may not be the red signal for you at that point of time. If you make a few changes in your routine or change the style of your work you may start liking it. It is important to have a job to pay your bills and to fulfill your basic needs but it is important that you love what you do. You may find it important to do something that helps you in keeping yourself busy and makes you feel employed but to be content always look for something that makes you happy

2. Awkwardness in relationships

There are no perfect relationships; they exist only in fairy tales. You can never take a little misunderstanding as a reason to look for someone else in your life. You can always sort out your relationship issues no matter how hard it seems. One should never try to move on in life simply because they need a partner who complements them well. On the contrary, relationships that do not satisfy the need of mutual respect can never make you happy. There is no fun in dragging your relationships forward simply because you have to be with someone.

3. New products in market

There is nothing wrong with buying the latest products that make you feel good about yourself. Keep yourself updated with the latest smartphones or high-tech cars and but only if you feel they are needed in life. However, the tendency to buy everything the latest in the market without considering its need is an endless race. You can never by happy buying things that do not even seem useful in your life.

4. Tendency to attain Perfection

Perfections don’t really exists. No matter how many times you repeat this phrase, each one always tries to run after perfection regardless of the results. Another important fact is that people often try to get better in an attempt to be perfect in life. You should always remember that it is not important to get perfection in things but adjust yourself according to the changes that occur in your lives. When someone criticizes your work, they offer suggestions to make you better, so never take it negatively.

5. Negative outlook towards everything

It is good to analyze things but having a negative outlook towards everything in life should ring the bell. You either have developed a negative attitude or do not wish to work towards your goal.

6. Life full of complaints

If you complain about things after trying your level best then it makes a sense but complaining even without giving it a shot always pulls you backward in life. Complaining about things may make you feel relaxed for a while making you feel like a victim but without providing the solution of the problem you project yourself as no different from others.

Your idea of happiness can be different but it does not have to vague or baseless. Worldly possessions can never make you happy; you only get trapped if you start giving them importance in your life.


Tips to Live a Happy Life

Whatever is the situation, it depends on you what you choose- happiness or misery. If the situation is not favorable and you allow it to influence your mind, you are choosing misery. However, if you do not allow the situations to influence your thinking process and you change your habitual reaction to such a situation, you will see the reversed effect in the mind and in life.

1. Mind your thoughts

The mind is like a garden, positive thoughts are like beautiful flowers whereas negative thoughts are like a weed. Guard your mind like a gardener. Enrich your mind with good thoughts and deseed the unwanted thoughts from your mind. The moment negative thoughts come into your mind, stop them then and there and replace them with good ones. Practice this every time the negative thought appears in your mind.

The power of the mind is beyond the imagination. The circumstances you are living in are created by you. Circumstances are nothing but the result of your thinking process. What you think and imagine, it actually happens with you and creates a world around you. Tough times are never going to end and situations will rarely be in your favor. Crying over them is merely wasting time and wasting life too. Instead of this, be attentive to your thoughts and mind them and restore positive thinking.

2. Never put off living

Setting goals is the vital element of life, however, if to achieve those goals you ignore happiness, which is synonymous to life, it is not the good practice. Live your today to the fullest and be happy as it is important for your well-being. Do not put off your happiness to a later time when you will achieve something.

3. Choose what you love to do

To regain back the high spirits, you need to be happy and happiness comes inevitably when you do what you love. Only you know, what can make you happy. Therefore, do not just think about your dreams, instead of step forward to fulfill them.

4. Love what you do

However, every time you cannot do what you love, instead, you have to love what you do. A negative attitude towards something makes your efforts go in vain even before you start doing it. Therefore, focus on positive sides and associate only positive results in doing that task. Looking at the sunnier sides can make you love and excel in your work.

5. Happiness is in The Present

The essence of life lies in how to live it with happiness. If you define happiness, it is just the state of mind and nothing else. Happiness or misery depends on our reaction to circumstances, not on circumstances itself.

Life is what we make it: A basket of surprises with little anticipations and full of opportunities. Remember, happiness lies in the moments of the present, memories of the past, and dreams of the future. To lead a life full of moments, filled with memories and engrossed with dreams.

6. Cherish your relationships

Enjoy your relationships with each member of your family, neighbors, and even those who are not a very close part of your family. Learn to forgive others for their mistakes. Do not take things to heart since life is short.

7. Fulfill all your dreams

All you have on your mind has relevance to your life and efforts should be made to realize all dreams, no matter how big or small. Do all that you want to do in life and live up to the potential, as this time will never come back. Instead of regretting later life jump up and touch the sky.

8. Stay healthy and happy

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keep your body healthy by practicing yoga, meditation or aerobics. Healthy people lead a happy life and live longer. You can be more productive if you would keep yourself mentally active and fit.

9. Stay close to nature

You do not have to look for things to appreciate since the universe has already given you so much all around you to appreciate the beautiful gifts of nature and preserve it.

10. Have a lot of fun

When you have a free mind you can make better decisions without regrets. Laughter lightens up your mood and prepares you to face all troubles of life. With a low face, you can hardly get over problems.

11. Be wise

Learn all your life. It is not important that you keep earning degrees all your life but simply keep learning all your life. Look for things that you can learn and search for new ideas to grow in life. Educate yourself to be a better, wiser, and kinder person in life.

12. Live simple

Each one of us wants to have all the luxuries of life, as we believe that it will give us happiness, but it is not so. Real happiness lies in leading a simple but productive life. Even if you can afford to live a simple life since it will give you eternal peace of mind. Money and luxury can never give you inner satisfaction as human desires are never-ending.

13. Learn to detach

Worry about things that you can change with your efforts and hard work, not those things that you have no control on. Worrying about things that are beyond your control will give you frustration only.

14. Be limitless

Do all you want to do since all your limitations are born in your own mind and do not exist really. You become self-conscious and form your limitations that keep holding you back. You simply need to liberate yourself by all self –imposed thoughts and live freely.

No one can ever be happy with the luxury and materialistic stuff out in the world, as the demands of a human being know no end. It is all about seeking real happiness that stays forever.




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