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Fight your Thoughts


Each of us has different thoughts entering our head all the time. However, very few of us challenge our thoughts. Most of the times, we just think and do not counter our thoughts. Countering for the sake of countering isn’t a good idea. The countering ought to be logical in each and every sense. Just like one would counter a maths problem. It will have logic and reason at every step. Similarly, with science, the solutions and arguments are definite with 100% proof. Place such kind of arguments against your own thoughts and watch yourself grow. This isn’t easy and will require a little bit of effort on your part.

Yes, contradicting yourself isn’t something that you will like instantly. However, it will help you improve and grow gradually. It might even seem like an outrageous idea in the beginning but you will begin to like it as time goes by. If you don’t like it at all in the beginning, you might want to practice writing the pros and cons of each thought. You can take it forward from there. Set aside a certain amount of time for countering each thought after writing all your thoughts on paper throughout the day. Fight each thought and reach a truce through logic and reason. It will change your perspective towards a lot of things.

Practice Countering Thoughts Regularly and You will Soon Get Comfortable with it


Soon you will not even need those pages to write down your thoughts. You can mentally argue with your thoughts and reach upon a consensus without writing anything down. This practice can take up months and months of your time sometimes and some other times you will master the art in a day. This differs from person to person. However, one has to do it regularly in order to inculcate this practice. You might want to make a separate book simply for noting down your thoughts and their counters. Simply going back to the book at different points in life will be extremely helpful for you.

It isn’t always necessary to fight your thoughts. Sometimes, you will see that there is no counter to your thoughts and it is as plain as anything can be. However, if you look at it in introspective you will find that things aren’t as plain as they look. Hence, calculate your thoughts, calculate your counter arguments and then place them against each other. See which side is heavier in comparison. If you regularly practice this exercise for a while, you will soon become adept in it. In the beginning you might feel harrowed at such practice but once you become comfortable with it, you will do it of your own free will.

Life Changes Once you Learn to Counter your Thoughts

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There are numerous methods of doing this. Educate yourself on the methods that are available. You will have to learn all the methods and implement the one with which you are most comfortable. You will have to use the method that you find the best for countering your thoughts. Sometimes, it will baffle you but you need to calm yourself down and reach a truce. A lot of times, you are going to feel worst and horrible about it. However, you need to stand up and fight this off. Arguing with your own self is a 100 times more difficult than arguing with someone else.

It might seem stressful as hell in the beginning but as time goes by, you will settle down into it. You have to practice hard enough to inculcate this habit. The first time isn’t always easy and in this case, it will require a whole lot of effort and hard-work. If it doesn’t work out using one method, you will have to implement another and so on. Once this practice has been inculcated, life will become easy and smooth sailing for you. You will start looking at life with altogether new eyes. Your life will be aligned with your thoughts on successful implementation of this method.

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Thoughts on different subjects enter a person’s head all the time. They can be intellectual bizarre or anything else. It is necessary to take on each thought as it comes. Initially, you might have to dismiss a few thoughts but as time goes by, you will be able to evaluate each and every single thought of yours. Before you even begin to evaluate and counter your thoughts, it is necessary to put your thoughts in order. In time, you will be able to do away with any thought that is completely useless and senseless. Thereby, you will save a lot of time and your brain will be open to newer and better ideas.

Once you have implemented this procedure, make sure that it never comes to an end and you keep practicing it throughout your life.

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